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Victorian Civil War Jacket and Skirt Gown
Arabella Silk Victorian Ball Gown
Carolina Civil War Gown
Lorellen Off Shoulder Victorian Civil War Ballgown
Vertiline Civil War Gown
Marelda Silk Victorian Ball Gown
Victorian Civil War Styled Ball Gown
Persephone Civil War Gown
Christina Victorian Ball Gown
Civil War Victorian Styled Gown
Bernardina Fancy Ball Gown
Victorian Polonaise Set
Victorian Civil War Styled Ball Gown
Victorian Satin and Lace Ball Gown
Victorian Ball Gown
Emma Rosa Victorian Civil War Ballgown
Magnolia Victorian Satin Ball Gown
Victorian Southern Belle Ball Gown
Victorian Lace Ball Gown
Farrah May White Lace Organza Gown
The invention of the steel-hooped cage crinoline in the mid-1850s was a real game changer for women's fashion during the Victorian era. Until then, the many petticoats required to accommodate women's skirts meant that the wearer had to carry many pounds of excess weight. All those petticoats hampered movement and were hot during summer! The cage crinoline allowed skirts to be up to six yards wide at the hem, which would never had been possible with traditional crinolines, or horsehair petticoats. It also presented a beautiful bell-shaped silhouette. Hoop crinolines were worn by women from all social classes and even young girls.

The gowns featured in this category are designed to be worn with a hoop crinoline. You will present a stunningly beautiful silhouette that is bound to be eye-catching when you enter the room. Many styles are customer favorites, and as with all of our garments, each is lovingly designed and sewn in the United States!

Hoop skirts remained popular through the mid-1860s. Their association with the American Civil War era is undeniable. Many of our hoop-skirted gowns are reminiscent of the Antebellum South and what was worn by women during the war years. We have several designs that also work beautifully as a wedding gown. Many of our gowns are perfect for your wedding party, too!

Bodices are fitted and some are boned which takes away the need for a corset. Some bodices feature a four dart front, others fall at the natural waistline, while still others feature the classic 'v' front and back.

Low scooped and shawl necklines were popular styles of the day and are featured in some of our designs. Others feature a lovely modest jewel neckline. Some of those have a ruffle along the neckline for an additional feminine touch. A few feature a flattering square neckline. Do you love the low scooped neckline but want a little modesty? We have styles that feature a lace basque or a fichu. Both add style and elegance while offering and added level of modesty.

From very short and shirred to elbow-length to long and fitted, leg o'mutton or wide pagoda, we offer sleeves in a variety of flattering styles. Many of our hoop-skirted gowns feature sleeves that can be worn off the shoulder for elegant affairs.

Whether you prefer the shimmer and crispness of taffeta, the luster of dupioni, of the ease of care of cotton, you will find a design in a fabric that fits your style. Our gowns are best dry cleaned, but those made of cotton may be gently washed and hung to dry.

Of course, no lady would be completely dressed without the necessary accessories. We have hoop crinolines and petticoats, gloves, shoes and boots, parasols, fans, hats and hair ornaments, and more to help you complete your look.

Happy shopping!
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