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Vintage Print Reticule
Dark Red Silk and Velvet Reticule

The fashion accessories of the Victorian era reflected the times. Most Westernized nations enjoyed prosperity at the time, especially England. Since the prosperity was wide reaching, many were able to afford lavish accessories like handbags and reticules. Women could coordinate their bags to match their outfits. Bags were a great way to show of wealth to a potential suitor. Not only were these bags gorgeously decorated with elegant embroidery, but they were also made of fine fabrics. Some women would even went as far as embroidering their own initials into their bag.

Reticules were small handbags, similar to a coin pouch, worn in the early Victorian era. These bags were popularly worn when pockets were scarcely included in garments. Women had to resort to carrying a handbag instead of storing their things in their pockets. Even when pockets became popular again in the 1840s, women still used handbags. Adopted as a fashion statement, women continually wore the accessory throughout the era.

At Recollections, our handbags are made from several styles. We carry crocheted reticules, wire framed purses and lace handbags. All of our purses are proudly made in the USA by our partner Madame's Mercantile who produces hand-crafted Victorian style costume accessories. They can't wait to make your first (or next) Victorian inspired purse!