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Oh! Those Roaring 20's! The older generation must have been convinced that the world was rushing down the road to perdition, as their daughters took full advantage of new-found freedoms. This was the age of jazz, women's liberation, and a sudden loosening - indeed smashing - of the rules of society that were iron-clad only a few years before. Women - who now had the vote - went about in public without chaperones, rid themselves of corsets, shortened their dresses to above the knee, and indulged in "lewd dancing", smoking in public, and drinking hard liquor. In addition, they chopped off their hair and put on LOTS of the new pancake makeup and surrounded their eyes with kohl. Their lips were painted bright red - the only color available. They plucked out their eyebrows - sometimes completely - and re-drew their brows darker and higher than they had naturally been. Continue reading about the 20's fashions on our blog.