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The Victorian bathing suit is the first two-pieced swimsuit that we see emerge as a fashion trend. Before the Victorian era, swimsuits were generally one piece and extremely modest. While the women's and men's vintage bathing suits from the Victorian era are still modest by today's standards, they were revolutionary for the time. The switch from one piece to two-piece completely changed the way in which women were able to go swimming.

Despite these changes, women still had to hold onto a rope that was attached to a buoy so that they didn't drown. Considering that many of these swimsuits were made of wool or taffeta, the heaviness of the swimsuits was a threat and worry for many women. Later models of swimsuits that were made toward the turn of the century were crafted from mohair, which is slightly lighter, and then were made of muslin. The designs featured skirts with bloomers underneath. Many of the bathing suits had sailor collars and striped fabric, but more conservative swimwear would be a solid color with high collars. Eventually, towards the end of the Victorian Era, sleeveless designs that showed off ankles became most popular. Fortunately, they were also easier to swim in. One piece swimsuits that are similar to those that we see today did not come into fashion until the 1920s.

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