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We offer ball gowns in short sleeves, long sleeves, and everything in between. Sleeve styles changed a lot during the Victorian era. Much of this is thanks to the invention of the sewing machine. The type of sleeve worn also varied with the time of day. The wearing of sleeves off-the-shoulder was something only done in the evening for a fancy social engagement, such as a ball. But, all lengths of sleeves were used during the era. This section is devoted to our ball gowns that have long sleeves.

Dropped shoulder bodices added a roundness or softness to the look of a dress and was very popular during the early to mid-Victorian era. Several of our long-sleeved ball gowns feature dropped-sleeve or dolman styling. Dropped-sleeves often feature other finishing touches of femininity such as flounces.

Set-in sleeves are featured on many of our ball gowns. Some are closely fitted as this was the fashion for much of the Victorian era, but many feature a roomy upper arm with just the right amount of pouf. Many of our fitted long sleeves taper to a cuff at the wrist. Our more loosely-fitting long sleeves also feature beautiful cuffs at the wrist. Cuffs are often embellished with rich Venice lace or complementary contrasting fabric.

Our long-sleeve ball gowns also feature elbow and three-quarter length sleeve styles. Wide ruffle trims on these shorter long-sleeved garments are so delicate and feminine. Elbow-length sleeves are embellished, too. Elegant lace and bows and ruffled trims are featured on some of our designs.

Do you like the freedom of movement that comes with a loosely-fitting sleeve? Pagoda sleeves were very popular during the Victorian era and are featured on some of our long-sleeved ball gowns. The sleeve style gets its tame from their resemblance to the pagoda roofs found in China. Those big bell-shaped sleeves offer the roominess you desire. Whether you like them long and simply styled, or you prefer a pretty row of ruffled lace adorning your ball gown, we have a design to fit your needs. The pagoda sleeve also allows for the addition of the engageante or undersleeve that feature a tight gathering or a cuff at the wrist. These beautiful undersleeves are removable and easily washable. They are usually made from white lace, linen, with cambric and broderie anglaise.

Long sleeves are stylish, add a level of modesty (and warmth when needed), and present a fashion statement all of their own.

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