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No extravagance was spared during the Victoria era. Throughout Queen Victoria's reign, cuffs were worn to add detail to the wrists. These cuffs were often made of fine white lace. Queen Victoria specifically appreciated Honiton, a bobbin lace made in Honiton, England.

Bobbin lace is produced by hand with thread wound on bobbins. It's quite time consuming and the lace it produces is extremely fine. This lace adorned not only Queen Victoria's infamously beautiful wedding gown in 1840, but also the gowns of other fashionable women.

Despite the popularity of lace cuffs, cuffs were also made of other fabrics like cotton. Cotton cuffs or sleeve ruffles were often attached to the end of the sleeves. Their degree of size and ruffles ranged from plain to extravagant, depending on the wealth and preference of the wearer.

At Recollections we have a generous selection of cuffs. Our cuffs vary in material, from taffeta to velvet to lace. Their sizes vary as well, from short and ruffled to long and narrow. Complete your Victorian era look with our cuffs, a perfect finish to any historically accurate outfit!