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Hosiery during the Victorian age was extravagant for those who had means. Embroidered silk stockings were quite popular among the upper classes. Any man lucky enough to catch a peak at these ornate designs would have thought the lady displaying them a bit risque. Stockings during the era were commonly made of silk, wool, linen, lisle or polished cotton. The stockings were held up by knit garters that attached to the corset.

Women of lower classes wore plain and practical stockings to keep their legs warm, if they wore any stockings at all. Shoes and stockings were expensive. Not all the classes could afford them, so some went without shoes and stockings. Hand-me-downs were worn by lower classes, if they were lucky.

As women's dress evolved toward the end of Victoria's reign, hosiery also evolved. Socks needed to withstand the friction of calf-high boots worn for physical activity. Boots also changed during this time, to accommodate outdoor activities like archery, tennis and boating.

Boots covered the ankles for easy wear. With the ankle covered, more athletic activities could be attempted since the shoes were more comfortable and stable. Also, protective accessories like gaiters were worn to cover boots. They protected expensive leather boots from the rain or snow when the wearer was walking about.

Here at Recollections, we have a variety of stockings, boots and shoes for eveningwear and daywear. Perfect for completing any outfit, we offer footwear in many styles. All of our shoes are available in whole sizes from 6 to 12. Our knit nylon stockings come in striped, fishnet, lace and pinstripe styles. Recollections' stockings, boots and shoes are sure to make any historical outfit you wear sing!