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Our high neckline Victorian era-inspired ball gowns offer elegance and modesty. The dresses in this category feature front closures on the bodice making them very easy to wear!

Many of the gowns in this category feature a jewel neckline. This collarless neckline fits nicely at the base of the neck from back to front. It is perfect for accessorizing as you wish to change the look of your gown. This neckline works well on those with a regular or long thin neck. It also works well on women who have a smaller bust line. The matching front button closure ensures that our high neckline ball gowns are easy to put on and to take off.

The jewel neckline offers a beautiful canvas upon which your creativity comes alive. Leave it plain to make a statement. Add a pretty collar for an extra touch of femininity. Attach a brooch to draw attention toward your face. A select number of our jewel neckline ball gowns are embellished with a short elegant ruffle to draw attention to your neck. The options are yours for the choosing!

A few of our high neckline ball gowns feature stand-up collars. These mandarin or Nehru type collars work well on those with longer necks. This neckline type works very well with a minimalist approach to accessorizing. The bodice and collar work together to define the style.

Some of our high neckline balls gowns are inspired by the Civil War era. You will find figure-flattering bodices including our exquisite four-dart front and princess seam. We also feature Victorian bodices with our famous drop 'V' front.

Dropped-shoulder sleeves were very popular during the Civil War era. Choose from sleeves that are long and fitted, or the lovely bell-shaped pagoda. Pagoda sleeves are perfectly paired with elegant undersleeves for a finished look.

Do you love polonaise, that lovely tight-bodice, open-front overdress that is often tied up into a bustle (loosely or tightly, depending on your mood)? We offer two distinct styles, each stunningly outstanding in its own right. Other styles feature beautifully designed overskirts that are either attached to the bodice creating the look and style of a jacket, or are part of the underskirt.

Fabrics used in our high neckline ballgowns are luxurious and elegant. Satin jacquard has intricately woven patterns and the shimmering finish of satin. Taffeta is crisp and somewhat iridescent in color with a muted luster. Velvet features a distinct soft pile that wraps you in that 'warm and fuzzy' feeling. Satin is soft and shimmery. Dupioni's tight weave produces a highly-lustrous fabric.

All garments are proudly designed and created by Recollection in the United States of America. Our seamstresses lovingly craft each ball gown just for you! We also carry a full line of accessories to finish your look. We have hoop crinolines, petticoats, corsets, jabots, fichus, hats, hair ornaments, gloves, parasols, boots, shoes, stockings, reticules, fans, and more!

Whether you are attending a cotillion, a re-enactment or other special event, or you are looking for something to add to your wardrobe, we are happy that you chose to shop at Recollections!