Christmas in July Sale!
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I received my order on time for a historical presentation event. The Edwardian Style Suit and Simone Hat were beautifully made and a perfect design for the time period. Please accept my profound appreciation.

Maria C.

I just received my order and want to say thank you! My skirt is beautiful and I am so pleased! Keep up the great work and I look forward to Ordering more from your collection. Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Respectfully Submitted,
Anya E.

I had ordered a blouse recently and it arrived and I am very pleased so I just ordered another blouse from you. You have an easy to use website. Love your prices and no shipping charge if ordered 5 weeks out.

Thank you.
Mary C.

I have purchased several from you and am delighted with every one that I have purchased and am still wearing the ones purchased from you way back in 2005/2006.

SueAnn M.

Thank you ladies. Everything is so perfect! And I passed my tour guide test today too! My gratefulness within the time line I cannot quantify. You all are the tops and if I need you all again I shall stop here first!!!!

Best Wishes,
Emma C.

Just got a notification last night with the information that the skirt is on the way! Just wanted to reach out and thank you all for all of your help up to this point and thoroughly answering my many questions on this order. Your patience and accommodations are much appreciated.

Thank you for your time and incredible customer service.

Marion S.

Thank you SO much for your assistance with this order! I am truly grateful. I received so many compliments on my outfits and I felt like a million bucks - I could not recommend your business enough!

Laurie B.

I wanted to let you know that the skirt arrived on time and my daughter looked beautiful in it! It was perfect for the Victorian ensemble she put together for her choir (photos attached). Thank you SO much for working with us.

Stacia A.

To everyone at Recollections, thank you for making my daughter Maude's sixteenth birthday so very special!

What a wonderful company and what terrific customer service.

Sam M.

I must compliment you on your customer service. I really appreciate all that you are doing. Thought I would let you know why all that you are supplying is so important to me. My daughter is a high school senior and will be performing "Inside Out " from A Gentlemen's Guide to Love and Murder as a theatre final exam and in her last voice recital. The clothes you are making is as close to a replica to Phoebe 's costume as I could get.

Thanks so much for all that you are doing.

Joe Bowman

Hi Barb - I wanted to let you know that the Wendy dress arrived a few days ago and it's perfect! The fit is wonderful, and I love the way that it looks on me.

Madelyn L.

I so appreciate all that you all do at Recollections and am so excited about my new clothes. You know I have a closet just for my period clothes. I really need to name that closet.

Thank you again,
Beverly K.

Thanks again for your help and advice... I have ordered multiple times, and advised others to do the same... Looking forward to my new dress...

Rita B.

Thanks so much! Your clothing is beautiful. Love the dress and blouse and skirt we have already used. Good quality and very nice sewing.

Old West Melodrama Productions, Inc.

I received my Polonaise dress and I am absolutely floored with the beauty of it. I cannot wait to have this on during the Star Trek costume competition on board the cruise line. It fits perfectly !! In case you are a Star Trek fan, this is the costume worn by the Devidians (aliens who looked like humans in 1889) in the Episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called “Time’s Arrow Part 1”. If I win I will send pictures !

Thank you so much!
Diane M.

The dress is amazing - it arrived on time and fit perfectly!! The quality is also great!! I'm very happy. Thank you so much.

Preethi C.

Got the dress, color is great. Should only take a little fitment on the jacket and it will be just right. Thank you for all you help and timely delivery.

Thanks again,
Teresa & Vince B.

I received my gown and am really pleased. It is absolutely beautiful and fits very well. Thank you for taking the time to help with my specials needs. I will wear it proudly and I will recommend Recollections to everyone. Thanks again, and I will purchase from you again. You can post this on your site as a very happy customer.....

Thanks again,
Marion S.

Thank you very much for your attention to my order. The dress arrived today and is lovely. I will advertise your wares at our Historical Society event!

With appreciation,
Sandra P.

I wanted to thank you for the way you helped me with my order. Not only is it great to have someone help you with your choices, but on top of that, I'm really happy with the way it all came out. The clothes are gorgeous and I am glad things all went smoothly!

Kind regards,
Emma H.

I just got the net underskirt and it's fabulous. Can't wait to wear it at our RWA Nationals, Paranormal Writers Gathering in Orlando this summer.

Susan B.

I received my gown and am really pleased. It is absolutely beautiful and fits very well. Thank you for taking the time to help with my specials needs. I will wear it proudly and I will recommend Recollections to everyone. Thanks again, and I will purchase from you again. You can post this on your site as a very happy customer.....

Thanks again,
Marion S.

Dear Ladies,
I must convey to you my delight today in receiving my "Calico Gown" in the "Intrigue" fabric. I am hesitant to order any clothing online and this was my first purchase of a historic style dress. The quality is outstanding. (I may add some lace at the cuffs and collar in the future). The option of the tie-up bustle is a great feature. I also much appreciate the very speedy delivery.

All Best,
Mary Ellen

Dear Recollections,
I received my beautiful dress on Monday. I wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with it! The red cotton is just beautiful and goes so well with my hat. The stitching and work is done extremely well and it shows. I was very impressed with how well it looked! I received it in plenty of time for the wedding I am attending. Thank you so much for such a fun, quality dress! I will recommend you to anyone!

Michelle M.

Ladies - Bravo! Bravo!! I have received two of my three orders and I am SO pleased! I can't wait to get my hat! The construction and detailing are outstanding on everything! I already have another shopping cart filled with items. I can't order all at once, but I want to keep the references handy. I found you via internet search and your product line was the most robust and appealing. Little did I know how high the quality would be. Excellent!

Rebecca L.
Kokomo, IN

I am remiss in writing to thank you for my period WBTS mourning dress. It was everything I could have asked for. The fit was perfect, comfortable, beautiful detailing, quality fabric, exactly what I had in mind. In addition it arrived ahead of my rather rushed schedule. I had waited several years to get such a dress sure I could not find one 'mail order' I would like but would not hesitate to order other things now as well. I've worn it to one Confederate Memorial Service already and look forward to many more years of wear.
Thank you again

L. Reynolds,
Wilmington, North Carolina.

Hello Recollections,
I just received my Calico (Countryside) Dress (order mm-44024). It's fabulous! The dress fits perfectly and is more beautiful that I could have imagined. The workmanship is amazing, and I can't wait to find lots of reasons to wear it. I am so thrilled, thank you for making such a wonderful product. I'm going to do some more Recollections shopping!

Best regards,
Lynn D.
Sonoma, California

Received your "Mattie" dress in the Vanity Fair calico last Tuesday and, as with my previous two dresses, it is absolutely beautiful. Wore it this weekend to our final shoot of the year and got plenty of compliments from everyone. It's not easy to make a short woman with a big gut and no waist feel beautiful, but your gowns do the trick with me. It helps that your walking length skirt works perfectly for my 4'11" height! No shortening! I'm a professional seamstress and could easily shorten anything I get, and I did when I ordered the wrong length skirt on my first outfit, but it sure is nice to be able to order something and KNOW that it's going to fit everywhere without alterations.

Thank you again for a beautiful, professional dress offered at a price that I could not have made it at.

Grace T., aka Kissme Kady

Dear Ladies of Recollections, I received my order #40217 today and I love it, love it, LOVE IT! The fabric is beautiful, the item well-cut and constructed, and best of all IT'S MY SIZE! It is so wonderful to find the romantic clothing I love actually made in a women's size 28-30. This garment makes me FEEL beautiful! I doff my bonnet to you!

Amy T.

Dear Ladies,
I have received a parcel from you last week. And I'm grateful that it arrived exactly on my birthday. On behalf of my husband and I, we would like to thank you at Recollections for your perfect work. I feel happy about my lovely new dress that I can hardly wait for the next event. The fabric is beautiful andthe workmanship of best quality. I will be wearing that dress at a ball.

Sincere thanks are given to all.

Anne and Uwe

Dear Ladies at Recollections,
I got my gown and tried it on last night and I have been smiling ever since. You are true professionals, who seem to put care and love in every stitch...I used to sew a great deal of my clothes until my sewing machine broke and I became lazy, so I think I know talent!

This Revolutionary War era gown is fabulous. I play Viola da Gamba and gut-stringed cello with my Baroque Flutist husband, who plays flute and fife with the United States Army Fife and Drum Corps (the ones who wear the Redcoats, Wigs and tri-corner hats, and play at the White House, etc) and he 'flipped' over the quality, beauty and historical accuracy of the gown.

We're playing together this December on their next recital, and I'll be wearing my gown. If I can get decent pictures, I'll send them to you, because the black bodice looks fabulous next to the red wool coats. Thanks so much, also, for making the dress affordable for me! I usually just wear long black with the corps, but now...wowie zowie!

Best wishes,
Anne R.
Silver Spring, Maryland

WOW! I just received my dress this afternoon, I tried it on, and it fits PERFECTLY! I am totally impressed with the great workmanship and the care to detail that was done. I will definitely brag about the beautiful dress and the excellent service I've received from RECOLLECTIONS!!!

Thanks again,

Dear Recollection Ladies,
I was very pleased with the quality of the fabric and workman ship of my W61204R Calico Gown. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to reccomend you to other docents in need of period gowns.
Thank you for your promptness.

Ellen F.

Dear Ladies at Recollections,
Thank you so much for my new skirt and jacket! I just got the lavender and gray tapestry jacket with a matching velvet skirt, and I absolutely adore them both! The tapestry fabric is utterly magnificent, and, of course, the velvet skirt is simply decadent. They make one feel rather like being wrapped up in an old-fashioned romance novel--only without the paper. I have been threatening to move into them, and never come back out.
Thank you for providing those of us who are hopeless romantics and chronologically misplaced with such a wonderful source of clothes. Your work is by far the highest quality I have ever seen, and it is always a pleasure doing business with you.
Have a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to ordering from you again in the near future!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love and Good Cheer,
Kara O.

Dear Ladies,
What a WONDERFUL way to close out a long week...I received my silk ensemble this afternoon!!! I can't tell you how much I adore this outfit and how my jaw dropped as I unwrapped it! The taffeta is so lovely - far more beautiful than I'd imagined, and every little detail is, as always with your products, completely perfect!!! You have convinced me I was born at least a hundred years too late. I could very happily live in your gowns if I wasn't worried they'd catch in my gas pedal or look a bit silly in the deli section at the supermarket! LOL (I don't have quite enough panache to carry that off!!)
Suffice it to say that you have once more surpassed my every wish for this costume and I am very much looking forward to wearing it with pride next spring at my big nationwide convention.
Thank you to everyone who helped make this so sensational,

Gratefully yours,

Dear Ladies of Recollections,
You are the BEST!!!! I received my dress and accessories this morning, 3 full weeks ahead of your original shipping date. I was so excited but a little nervous as I have an unusual body shape and I am a very full figured gal. OUTSTANDING, it fits like a glove with a little wiggle room to boot!!!! I can't tell you how happy I am but what I can tell you is I will definitely be ordering from you again. And just so you know, the care taken to package my order, the extra fabric and button and even a gift certificate, you have thought of everything and I'm so happy I recommended you to the other girls in my group. THANK YOU from the bottom of my full figured heart!!!!

Merri-Anne G.

Dear Barb,
Upon returning from visiting relatives in Kansas, I received the first of my orders from Recollections. Please convey my kudos to your outstanding craftspeople and designers. Their workmanship is outstanding and their designs are creative, but firmly in keeping with the periods they represent. Furthermore, the fit is as if the clothing were pin fitted to me!
There is only one thing I do not understand: How do you make enough money to stay in business? While I realize you purchase your raw materials in bulk, unlike the one-outfit seamstress, the fabric quality is very fine and you do NOT cut corners on your stitches. Every edge was fully finished. Even with the best machinery, this takes considerable time. The value per dollar is the best I have ever experienced.
Another thing you do that is quite unique is your site shows "real" people wearing your creations. When I decide on an item, I get an idea of what I will look like wearing it, not what some anorexic model looks like. LOL Your effort makes it possible for ordinary women to keep our history alive, not only a select wealthy few.
Words are insufficient to express my admiration for your workmanship, creativity and affordability.
You have made a customer for life...

Very very Sincerely,
Carol S. (aka Phoebe Snow, Scarlet or Candy)

Hello Barb,
Thank you very much for guiding me through the bargain dress purchase for our church's Bicentennial Tea. It was a huge hit! I truly appreciate all your efforts when you had to keep checking the warehouse and then my credit card messed up thanks to our credit union making a big error. You are a great customer service representative and deserve an A+ for my sale! Have a great day!

Kathi H.

Just wanted to thank you. I received your package yesterday - just in time. It was a PERFECT FIT and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Ya'll did a GREAT JOB! The parasol is the envy of all the ladies. Our town is celebrating our 175th birthday and there are several events at which I can wear the outfit, so I went ahead and splurged a bit. Now I'm so glad I did. Thank you and your seamstresses for the beautiful job you all did.

Nancy G.

Hello Everyone,
Received my order two days ago and thought I would drop in and let you know they arrived in good time and in excellent shape. What a fun suprise to open the box and find the completely quaint and special way that you took the time to wrap my items. Greatly appreciated and how kind of you all. Thank You!
I am "extremely" pleased with not only the superb "quality" of the materials used in the two aprons I ordered, but also in the beautiful "workmanship" and time that has gone into each one. A very unexpected pleasure to say the least.
Checked out the crochet collar next and found it to be just marvelous! Beautiful handwork, good quality thread and a very generous size, especially for the low price!
You can be assured that each and every re-enactor I am acquainted with will know your site exists. I would not hesitate to direct anyone to your business or encourage anyone to order from you with complete confidence. All will be absolutely pleased in every way!
Thank you for your quick service, your honesty, the outstanding quality of your wares, and those little touches that made me feel like a very special customer. I salute you all as one of the best businesses I have EVER dealt with!
I will recommend your company/wares to anyone and everyone!

Most Sincerely,
Tushar Mtn. Trading Company

Dear Recollection Ladies,
I just received my gown today. It is beautiful and it fits optimally.
On behalf of my husband Uwe and I, we would like to thank each and every one of you at Recollections I wanted to say thank you for the lovely gown . I'm so happy to have it to wear at the next "Old Style Ball". Thank you for the suit bag, too. What a delightful clothes hanger!
We will surely recommend you to friends. Thank you for your wonderful work and your gift, Recollections!!

Best wishes,
Uwe and Anne

Hi Barb,
We were on a trip and just got back late last night. The dress was at the door waiting for us. I opened it immediately, and wanted you to know the dress is BEAUTIFUL and the color is WONDERFUL! You did an excellent job of color selection.

Thank you

Dear Recollections staff,
I just received my dress in the mail today. It is exquisite, and everything that I had hoped for. It fits perfectly. The seamstresses did a marvelous job. I don't normally gush, but I am so pleased.
Please send my thanks along to the appropriate folks!

Thank you,
Nome, Alaska

I just wanted to let you know that I received the exchange for my taffeta outfit. Everything fits much better. Thank you for your help with this. I really appreciate your great customer service and the beautiful clothes!

Thanks again.

Dear Ladies,
I was thrilled when my lovely 1920s almond gown arrived today. It came carefully packed with tissue paper bound with the added touch of a pretty ribbon. What a delight to find inside an exquisite and more beautiful tea gown than I expected! The quality and attention to detail is superb, and it fit perfectly. I will feel so refined when I wear it to our upcoming spring tea. I'm already dreaming about ordering another dress from a different era! Thank you for the care you put into your very special product and your prompt, professional service.

Enthralled by elegance,

Ladies of Recollections,
The suspense was killing me... but it was well worth the wait. :0) My beautiful red "soiled doves" dress arrived yesterday. It is incredible!!! the workmanship and detail is fantastic. It is exactly what I had hoped for and fits me perfectly. My husband is impressed too. We have an annual themed costume party for Halloween. This year's theme is Wild West Ghost Town. Of course I always want to be the "belle of the ball" with the best costume since I'm hosting the party. This is going to be the best costume I've ever had!! I'm so excited now!! I can hardly wait to wear it. I will send pictures of me as the perfect painted lady after my party.

Thanks for such an incredible dress.
Wendy B.

Hi Susan,
I was so excited about my beautiful new clothes from Recollections that I couldn't wait for a special occasion to wear them. I've already worn the white batiste blouse and red twill vest with my black jeans and boots. I received compliments all day long on both the blouse and vest. Tomorrow is my day to work at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. Our booth is next to the Wild West Shootout and I can't wait to show off my outfit with the twill skirt and petticoat. I can't wait to dance in that dress! When it's time to go in to the rodeo and concert, I'll trade my skirts for black jeans and still make a statement.
I appreciate that the garments are very well-made, I am impressed with the quality and workmanship of every piece. The Ladies did a wonderful job!

Best Wishes,
Tammy B

Dear Friends at Recollections,
Everyone at Recollections who worked on my ball gown for the Bi-Centennial Gala this past weekend needs a heart felt thank-you. Everyone was wonderful from the moment I contacted you, always ready for my endless questions and concerns. I truly felt like a Scarlet O'Hara in my black taffeta gown. I would not hesitate a minute to return and have you make me another gown. Please share my thanks and gratitude with everyone.


To the recollections staff:
Thank you so much for my beautiful dress, I received it in the mail yesterday. I was so excited to try it on, it fits perfect. I am glad I went with the Large. The details in the beaded applique and the silk roses with beads & lace are just wonderful, love it, love it, love it. Hope to be the best dressed soiled dove at the ball.


Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I had just recently competed in a draft horse show, wearing my "Recollections" attire, and everyone commented on how SPECTACULAR I looked!! Driving Tony, my 18HH, 2300 lb Belgian in my antique cart I felt like I had just rode in off a magazine cover. I did take 5th place, but felt better than if I had just won first. AHHH the clothes DO matter! Of course as much as I want to keep you a secret, because my outfit was so different than everyone elses,.... I did share
Thank You for being available to set me apart form the crowd!

Christine & Tony

Thank you so much for the outstanding workmanship on my calico ball gown I wore this weekend! I felt like I did on my wedding day, and for that I can't thank you enough! I recieved numerous compliments on my dress, and can't wait to wear it again. I'm already browsing your website to find a dress for the Christmas season. Thank you again for providing such quality products in a time when quality seems to be a thing of the past.


Good Morning Brittany
I have received a parcel from you, after picking it up from the Royal Mail Depot, I couldn't wait to get home, when opening the parcel, I was thrilled with items enclosed, all the outfits sent in this parcel fit perfectly and the quality of the garments are fantastic, the blue bag I ordered in taffeta is a perfect match with the dress I already have, now I have the bag too!

My partner Gordon was impressed with the things as well. I am really looking forward to receiving the rest of the items still on order.

I will be wearing my black little outfit on the 6 June - thanks again for all your help and kindness in sorting out the length, fabric etc - will be sending some photos soon.

Kind Regards
Best wishes

Hello Ladies of Recollections,
I wanted to write and say thank you so much for the awesome job you did on the dresses you made for my Mom and I. These were for my brother's wedding, and I did not find your site until about three weeks before the wedding. Given that Mom and I are full-figured ladies, we were unable to find appropriate Victorian dresses that fit at our local costume shops. We had nearly resigned ourselves to going naked when I found your site.

Of course, whenever you order clothing online there is always a little trepidation that one, it will fit properly, and two will be of good quality. My mom and I were thrilled with the quality of the dresses when they arrived and thankfully both fit perfectly. Your company did a wonderful job in meeting our very tight deadline for these dresses, and it doesn't show in the quality of the work. They looked like you'd had months to get them done.

I would like to let the other full-figured ladies out there know that if you have need of an authentic style Victorian outfit, you will love what you get from Recollections. I would recommend them to anyone looking for this.

Thank you again for your excellent customer service, fine quality product, and attention to detail on our dresses. You were a big answer to prayer.

Susan (and Margaret)

My mother recently placed an order with you on my behalf, and I just wanted to say, thank you so much! I want to strive for beauty and decency in my manner of dress, so I had been dreaming about getting something from your site for a long time, simply to have something that is actually modest and feminine to wear. I ordered a floor-length calico skirt and the drawers, and let me say... these are some of the nicest things I think I have ever owned, except perhaps the bridesmaid dress I wore to my sister's wedding. It's hard to imagine that something like a simple skirt can be so pretty! Today things like modesty and beauty are all but forgotten, so your site is truly a treasure trove. Today's catalogs are full of things too short, too weird and too ugly, and not really any cheaper than some of your sale prices, with less quality than your items. Beauty and decency are timeless, and your apparel captures them both wonderfully. It's worth every penny. (And the sizes are accommodating, too!)

I wish I could wear only Recollections clothes! Excellent quality, beauty, great fit and wonderful, fast service! I hope to be able to place my own order some day!

Thanks again!
Angie M.

Dear Ladies,
The box arrived this morning. What a thrill to open, just like Christmas... Cut through the packing tape, opened the box flaps. There was a lovely white blouse, trimmed in lace. Just beautiful!!!!. Lifted the blouse, and there it was. The collar and dress that just leaves you to look and admire. The collar, like decorations on a wedding cake. All just breath taking.!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. And thank you for the card, too. I am a thoroughly satisfied customer. And I commend you all for extremely fine workmanship.

Warmest regards,

You guys are still awesome. If I didn't already tell you, the outfit I ordered for my friend's wedding a few months back was all the rave. Even the bride was jealous. I still wear the jacket and blouse and get numerous compliments. Everybody has got your number and email cuz I AM a major blabbermouth.

Dr. Deb

To the wonderful staff at Recollections,
I just received my dresses today. OH MY GOD!! They are SOOO beautiful! I can't believe it! The pictures on your website don't do these justice at all! I ordered 3 dresses and one skirt for my wedding. The little girls are going to look like they just stepped out of an episode of Little House on the Prarie! My daughter tried hers on and she looks so darling! They fit just perfectly. And I have to thank you so much for including the extra swatches of fabric. I can use them to make ribbons for their hair!! This is going to be the most perfect and wonderful day of my life! Thanks so much for helping to make it just right!

Very Sincerely,

On behalf of my husband and I, we would like to thank each and every one of you at Recollections for all your dedicated time, guidance, hard work and support in helping us have very unique and special 1880s wedding. The dresses were all very comfortable and fit perfect! I've included some photos that I hope you all enjoy, and will be mailing a CD with more photos as soon as I get everything sorted!
Once again, Thank you all at Recollections!

Big hugs!
Alicia & Charles

Oh my goodness!

I just got my dress and it fits PERFECTLY! I just had to email and tell you how wonderful you all have been to make sure my dress got to me in time for my event this weekend.

I found you on the internet last week. After the dress I borrowed from someone for an Antebellum Style parade we are having this week didn't fit, I feverishly searched the internet for SOMETHING that would work.

Lo and behold, I found your website. After searching your site, I found the perfect dress. I'm an oversized gal, and I can NEVER find things to fit! I called immediately and needed a rush job!

I was able to order MY SIZE, pick my fabric, AND get it here in perfect time, just as promised, in time for my event.

I can't thank you and your staff enough for making sure MY dress made it. I really felt like you all provided such personalized service that you just don't see these days. I have given everyone in my group your information ( they were all blown away that I found you... they have all been searching...) and already someone ordered a skirt and blouse from you yesterday and you were able to get it to her today!!

I got a handmade, beautiful, machine washable dress, and I could not be more happy.
Thank you so very much for all you do. You are really getting it right!
Much success to you!

PS. Thank you for the awesome lace gloves to match my dress! It was an unexpected surprise that will make my outfit just perfect!

Tallahassee, Florida

Just received my order today and I could not be more thrilled. It is absolutely beautiful. Just a few very minor tweaks and it will fit me perfectly. It is even more than I imagined it would be. Thank you for the beautiful lace handkerchief. I love it!! I will be ordering from you again and again. Thanks again to all of you and for the excellent service I received when I called. What a fun job you all have!!


I got my is just so beautiful! So well made too! I can't wait to wear will look wonderful with the ivory colored derby hat I have with the blue ribbons on it. What I love about your clothes is that they are correctly sized. I wear a 6-8 or medium...but so often you order a medium and you have to return it and order a large. A size 6-8 shouldn't have to order a large! Anyway...thanks again! I will order again soon!


I couldn't wait until my "Emily Dickinson" dress and bloomers arrived. I was also a bit frightened as well. I have put on weight due to medications, and I took you at your word when you said your garments ran on the "large" side. I ordered a Medium. I am so glad I trusted your word and your "product."

When we returned from vacation, there was the package. I opened it while praying that it would fit my largest. The quality of the garment impressed me so much. I just kept examining it while excitedly pointing out the lace-work and detailing on the dress. It fit and so did the belt. Even when I lose the weight, the dress will still fit fact, I have a month before I perform her, so it may look even more wonderful with a few more pounds off!

I have usually made my costumes. In fact, I used to love creating them from pieces found at thrift stores. There was just no time to begin from scratch nor to create from thrift shop pieces. Thank you, Recollections!!

My husband, John, and I absolutely LOVE the gorgeous White Batiste Tea Gown as well as the Pantaloons. Emily Dickinson will dazzle 'em, that's for sure. Thank you for your exquisite craftsmanship! You can be certain that I will share your work with other fellow performers, and if I should need another outfit, I will log onto immediately!

Many thanks

To whom it May Concern:
I just wanted to express my happiness and satisfaction with the item I recently purchased. The garment was beautiful and more that I expected. I would recommend Recollections to anyone and would happily return for business. Thanks so much!

Warmest Regards,

Dear Ladies,
My order arrived today, and I am simply delighted!!! Thank you for the gloves, too. What a special touch.
The workmanship is just great. I am now disabled with progressive, severe mutiple sclerosis, but having once taught sewing, had a tailoring- garment business, I know quality work when I see it.
Thank you for wonderful work.
God bless you in your continuing business.

Best regards,

Dear Friends at Recollections,
Everyone at Recollections who worked on my ball gown for the Bi-Centennial Gala this past weekend needs a heart felt thank-you. Everyone was wonderful from the moment I contacted you, always ready for my endless questions and concerns. I truly felt like a Scarlet O'Hara in my black taffeta gown. I would not hesitate a minute to return and have you make me another gown.
Please share my thanks and gratitude with everyone.


Dear Sister,
I just wanted to send my warm regards to you for the effort and time you put your website.
I truly feel inspired because I feel that your clothing preserves a sense of our history and femininity. Most clothing now days has no originality or sustenance either. Sometimes I buy a dress off of the rack and wear it and yet I still feel naked!
I will be buying from you soon, if the Lord soon allows. Take care of yourself.


Re: Customer Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
Thank you Brittany, and all of the staff at Recollections for your fantastic customer care. I am really enjoying my blouse and skirt, bustle skirt, and dress. I get many compliments on the clothing when I give my history presentations at various venues. As someone who sews, I recognize the high quality of your sewing on the dresses. One of your sizes is too big for me, but the next smaller one is slightly tight. I recently called and asked if you could send me a scrap of material so that I could add some material to the side seam of the smaller size. You immediately sent me some leftover pieces, and I am happily altering the side seam. The speed and graciousness with which you complied with my request was very much appreciated. Your high quality product is only matched by your great customer service!


I love my beautiful flannel dress, I love my bloomers, I love your seamstresses, I love your customer service, I love all things Recollections.
I'm getting my next order ready to send and I can't wait to get my Recollections in the mail - just like waiting for the Wells Fargo wagon in the days of my great-great-Grandmothers'. Recollections, you have helped me to become a successful storyteller, my new career after being totally disabled.
I simply love Recollections! Thank you for what you do and for how you care.

Boulder Pioneer Storyteller

I just wanted to thank you for getting the Edwardian dress to me on time for my first book signing. I fits perfectly, looks wonderful and being something of a hobby seamstress can do nothing but compliment the construction. It's beautiful! Thank you, I look forward to ordering more from you.


I want to give you guys ANOTHER big thank you for your wonderful, fast, beautiful service...My replacement jacket arrived already...You have to be the best....All of the people I have had to talk to regarding my orders have been sooooo wonderful can't thank you people enough. Can't wait for the next specials...Thanks again and have a wonderful fall.

Pat F.

Well you have done it again!!............ Supplied me with a high quality product for a great price. Thank you for the great customer service and a beautiful dress. I have been telling everyone I know (that needs to have period clothes) to check out your web site. There is enough variety for everyone and you can't beat the pricing! From a really happy customer.

Tombstone, Arizona

Hello everyone at Recollections,
Please first let me say how beautiful and well done the dresses are. We both just love them. My daughter Samantha is absolutely precious in hers and stole the show Saturday. Her dress was just perfect for her and for the period we were dressing for. We tied for first place, but whether we won or not, we were thrilled to be able to dress in such finery. I am attaching some pictures for you. They're polaroids so they're kind of grainy, but they're better than the ones that were taken with my digital camera. I will also attach the digital photos and one of those shows our competition.
Thank you again for providing us with these dresses. We will cherish them always. I am fortunate that I can wear mine again. Sadly, Samantha's will only fit her for a short while, but then we can get her another one! :) Have a wonderful week...

Best regards,
Lisa and Samantha

Dear Shelby,
Last Christmas, I ordered a beautiful velvet victorian dress and I hated to put the dress away when spring came. I ordered another dress a few weeks ago and I will send you a picture. The dress is just as beautiful! My husband is a clergy, and in his church, it was the 145 anniversay last Sunday. I was portraying the 1st clergy of the church's wife. Again, many thanks for the beautiful dresses and also your OUTSTANDING service.


I have just received my gown and it is beautiful. The material is so pretty and the size is almost perfect, I even have a tad bit of room. I believe with all the hoops under it the length is even going to be good. Thank you so very much. This dress was bought for a Victorian Cruise that I am going on in January and it was all and more that I was hoping it would be. I will be ordering from you again, I have my eye on a calico dress, and will also share your site with friends.


Hi Shelby.....
The dress arrived and it's absolutely lovely!....And it fits perfectly (including the sleeves).....I plan to wear it to the "Commanding Officer's Ball" on Mackinac Island on Friday evening....I know that I will feel beautiful in it.....
Thanks again for your help!


TODAY IS CHRISTMAS! The box arrived and everything is even better than I had hoped for! Thank you for the expediency of filling all my orders so I can begin using them TONIGHT!


well i got my dress my mother bought for me! and i wore it to the reenactment this weekend. and i got so many complements!!! and it fit perfect!!!!!!!
i love it soooooooo much!!!!!!!!
i can't thank you enough!!!!
you are wonderful at what you guys do!!!
im never going to buy my dress from anyone else!!!!!
again thank you!!!!


I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service and care you gave me. I ordered a SALE item and was treated like it was your most important order. Not only did you let me request alterations (at a very reasonable rate) but you called me and gave me the option of choosing another color so that I would be able to wear the gown at an up coming event. I have had several dresses made for me locally (where they could measure, and I could supervise selection) and this is by far the finest quality period dress that I own and it the fit is excellent. Again, thank you for making me feel my order was important. I will be ordering again and will tell everyone that I ordered my gown for!!

Esther D.



Just wanted to share with you the compliments from my seamstress who Owns the alterations shop serving Coeur d'Alene. She did a few more alterations on my red satin dress and said it was made very well and that the satin was of excellent quality and easy to sew. She asked for your website address, too, because many of her customers have asked about Victorian dresses. Thanks, again, for overseeing the exchange, etc. of the lovely gown In plenty of time for my wedding (one less stress!)

Best regards,
Martha B

Shelby - Yes, I am getting excited!!
Both Bridesmaids have tried their dresses on and they simply LOVE them!!
They are beautiful!!! You can't imagine how pleased I am!
There are just not words enough to express my thoughts on the quality and eye-appeal of these dresses!! Recollections is The BEST!!
Mrs. D in Georgia will be calling you closer to the wedding to order the Prairie Dress in the Scarlet and Black Calico for my Flower Gal. She is growing so fast, we are afraid to order her a dress right now. Please hang on to some of that calico for her dress!!!!
Thanks again.
Pictures will be coming after the event.

Sincerely, a VERY happy Customer,
Connie V.

Dear Recollections:

Britt Tany W.

I cannot say enough good things about Recollections; I cannot even think of one area for improvement. I have made multiple purchases from them - skirts, blouses, hats, a cape, a muffler, etc. All the products are of superb quality, easy to wear, and wash or dry clean beautifully. And the customer service is beyond compare - you really feel that Shelby and her team are on your side in dealing with shipping problems, etc. Several of us in a Victorian social group here sew ourselves and purchase items from some other suppliers as well, but the treasures of our collections are from Recollections. They are clearly the highest value for the dollar in the industry as far as I am concerned.

Kathy S.

I received the Calico Outfit yesterday and I absolutely love it! Your dresses are so well made and I plan to continue to order from your website. I love how the dress looks, feels, and fits! It's perfect! My husband and I love to do Civil War Reenactments and every time I wear your dresses, I get compliments. Thank you so much for the correspondence and wonderful work. Thank you so much!


Hi Shelby and all the gang,
I just wanted to thank everyone...............Again for making such a beautiful dress for me. I love my new black satin Victorian dress with the beading in the front. It just took my breath away as I unwrapped it----never imagined it to be so beautiful, and I can't wait to wear it. It is truly a work of art, as all of your dresses and other wonderful items are.....
I told Shelby a while back that my husband and I are building a brand new custom home this next year and hope to be in it by next year's Christmas. In fact, don't laugh, but I'm having a special walk-in closet built to hold all of my Recollections dresses! You are all to be thanked for making the beautiful dresses that I was so proud to wear at all of the Calico Days events these past years, and for helping me to win several of the Costume contests. Due to building the house, we are having to watch our pennies this Christmas and it's been a little difficult for me to get in the spirit. But your gift has reminded me of what Christmas is truly about----------------not the commercialism, but peace and love to your fellow man. To all of you and your families, may I wish you also Best Wishes and Much Happiness this Christmas and for the New Year!!!

God Bless
Barstow, CA.

Just wanted you to know my skirt arrived and I love it! It fits perfectly and looks great with my hoop and petticoat. Thanks so much for all your help with this order.
Have a wonderful holiday season!


I got my dress on Saturday, and it is just absolutely perfect! I am so happy to have it to wear to Christmas events, and I will definitely be using Recollections each time I want that extra-special outfit. Thank you so much for all your help!
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to everyone at Recollections.


I just received the dress today - the Dark Blue polonaise and ruffled Skirt & crinoline. The fit is perfect, and looks absolutely amazing. I wore it around our campus offices today to just simply get a feel for it (our sociology and anthropology department were much in love with the entire outfit). Everybody is simply in love with it and I can't wait to wear it for several events I have planned.
It's even more then I expected. Thank you so much! It's absolutely fabulous and I really appreciate it!

Thanks again!

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that my dress arrived on Friday afternoon....It is absolutely beautiful!....And it fits wonderfully!!....I was heading up to Mackinac Island the following day (and staying at the Grand Hotel), so I took it up with me and wore it to dinner.....My dinner companion told me that I looked "lovely"!....
I felt like a princess in the dress!....I am very happy with it!.....

Thanks again!....

Just wanted to drop you a short note saying THANK YOU!
The dress I purchased was for my wedding; I am thrilled to say that the dress couldn't have turned out better. . I absolutely love it. You all shipped the dress when promised and the quality was exceptional especially for the price. Several people were dubious when I elected to order such an important dress online through a company that I had never done business with, but you all delivered exactly what you advertised, you answered all my questions and really created my dream dress for an affordable price. I would whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone looking for antebellum era clothing.

Thank you for a job well done!

We were like little kids at Christmas - they are just beautiful! Linda's dresses fit great and she looks wonderful! My dresses are the most beautiful I've ever seen! They need just a pinch of alterations, but not much - oh, they really are beautiful and made so very, very well.

Thank you so very much Shelby! We also love the gift certificate as well - thank you! Naturally we'll be cruzing your website to see what our next purchase will be :)

The dresses are breathtaking. We really appreciate your efforts on this and when everyone asks us, we'll direct them to your website.

Thank you again!
Sharon and Linda

I received both items yesterday. They are gorgeous. I'm so happy with my black velvet top. It fits perfectly! You guys are so great and I love that you make clothes for the larger ladies. I will be ordering more. I just love your site! I pray an extra special blessing on you ladies! You make beautiful clothes!


Dearest Shelby and ladies,
I have received most of my orders, and I can not begin to tell you how thrilled I am with everything. The materials and craftsmanship is top of the line. I couldn't ask for anything better. And the twill skirt...I bet it weighs 5 pounds! Just kidding, but it is heavy duty and will last through many wearings and washings. I wore the petticoat/skirt with the long calico shirt to church last night and I received so many lovely comments. I can't wait to wear the berry calico dress Sunday. That color is just gorgeous! Thank you all so much for your dedication to quality and customer service. Whether I have called or emailed, you have always worked diligently with me and been most kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. You all are the best!

Thank You Again!

Good morning!
My name is Wendy and I recently received my order of a Victorian Blouse and I would just like you to know that I am DELIGHTED with the blouse. It's just perfect and a great fit.
I shall feel like a million $ CAN! When I wear it on 02 Sep 2006 at our church fund raiser, A Victorian Afternoon Tea.

Thank you so much
BC Canada

Hi! I have ordered many outfits from you and just wanted to let you know they are all still in excellent condition even after washing and wearing them over and over again, and I have even put most of them in the dryer, and they are all such excellent quality that they come out of the washer and dryer beautifully, hardly without a wrinkle and that's saying something with pure cotton! I am impressed with the quality of service given whenever I have place a detailed order.

Thank you Shelby and Creators of these beautiful styles.
Part of my motivation for losing weight has been your clothing. I want to wear this beautiful, feminine clothing everywhere I go, and I do. And, Just thinking how much better I will look once I have lost the weight keeps me on track, and allows me to look forward to looking even better in the smaller sizes of the beautiful clothing you create at recollections.
Thank you for your superb service and products! Nothing compares! I will be ordering again from you for sure.


I just wanted to share with you a picture in my new dress that I just received from you. My husband and I think that this is the most beautiful gown we have purchased from you so far. Keep up the good work! I am wearing this with my six boned hoop.

Mary Jo

Thanks for your email regarding shipment of the Satin Bustier and Skirt. As always, the ensemble was even more beautiful than pictured on your website and fit perfectly. I received it in plenty of time and wore it to our Boot Hill Gang banquet on July 8. Many of the ladies in attendance were wearing Recollections styles as well, and we all enjoyed seeing them. As someone who has been involved with vintage clothing since the 1960s, I appreciate your company's authentic styles and have been purchasing them since 1999. Times have changed since the early 1970s when patterns were not available and no company was making authentic reproduction clothing. I designed my own apparel from fashion plates from my Godey book collection or from original Civil War clothing I owned. One of my favorite styles is a Zouave jacket, and I was wondering if Recollections has ever made one. I think it would be a popular style and could be worn with different types of skirts.

Thanks again for the prompt service.

Dear Shelby,
hello and how are you? I hope that everything is good for you.
I received my blouses from Recollections and I am so pleased. They are absolutely beautiful. I have worn only one of them so far and I receive so many compliments on it. Thank you so much. God bless you.


Oh my goodness!
I love my pretty, pretty Princess dress.
It arrived in the mail this week, earlier than promised and it is perfect. Thank-you for the royal blue bows, it matches Prinz Charming's outfit just perfect!

Great job, great customer service.

Dear Shelby,
I have just received the dress and I'd like to say "Thank You" for this wonderful dress.
It's really from high quality, excellent made and it's a pure pleasure to wear it.
I hope that I will be able to buy some more clothing from your wonderful shop.

Best wishes from Germany

My order arrived today and I'm *totally pleased* with the blouse and shawl. You folks do great work and it's always a pleasure doing business with you. I recommend Recollections everywhere I go...
I heard about Recollections from another one of your customers--at an earlier WWA conference, in fact. So word of mouth is definitely working for you. We writers have been encouraged to dress in the era which we write about, for the annual WWA banquet. I write mostly about the Victorian era, as I guess most of the writers do, and now have two skirts, two blouses, and a shawl. I also dress up for the book signing, as it attracts attention. A few women write about the Civil War, but those hoop-skirted dresses are extremely hard to sit in.


Thank you! I sure do appreciate the service I have received from Recollections. You are all wonderful to work with.

Have a great day!

Dear Recollection Folks,
I just received my saloon dress in the mail this morning. It fits perfectly and I am absolutely delighted with it. The workmanship is incredible and the detail makes it appear that it was indeed made in a bygone era. I am hosting a Old West Saloon Nite to benefit our local museum and now have an outfit befitting my role! Thanks so much for your great work and timeliness in getting this wonderful dress to me.


I just wanted to let you know that I wore one of your dresses as my wedding gown yesterday. It was the happiest day of my life and your dress made me feel so beautiful! Thank you for such great quality and beautiful dresses. I will be placing another order very soon.......


Thank you Shelby and anyone else who helped get my orders through. I have never dealt with such a professional group before. It's just like the olden days (of the 40s' and 50s') when a customer meant someone important to a company.

The quality of your outfits is the nicest out there and you are getting so many selections it's hard for me not to order every month! (I do order almost everymonth~lol- I now have more than 50 of your dresses.

I wear one at least once a week for an open house, a historical reception, dinner, gala, or a SASS event, where I am just learning to shoot, or just to walk the streets for the tourists and visitors. Everyone loves your things almost as much as I do.

Thanks again, at age 64 you have taught me that I am a beautiful woman and I should show me off. ...I have won the "Shady Lady" (the grand costume prize) two years running at our Grand Final Gala held during December, in a Recollections Gown. They are truly outstanding. Thank you and I am looking forward to April's selections.


I just wanted to let you know that my new baby blue taffeta dress arrived yesterday around noon our time. When I took it out of the box, I must tell you that it far exceeded my expectations. I fell in love with it from the pictures on the web site in the snow, but the pictures couldn't portray just how truly beautiful it is. As always the workmanship is impeccable, and I love the design, the lace and the beaded trim. My husband loved the color, and this dress has a special meaning to me as it was his Valentine gift to me. I will treasure it as part of my collections of Recollection dresses.

My sincere thanks to all of you.
Jeanie H.

Hello Again! Well, my beautiful skirt and belt arrived yesterday - thank you so very much! I am absolutely thrilled with them! I am letting the skirt hang for a while to recover from its long journey before I give it a pressing. I am delighted with the colour - over here in the U.K., we seem to think that all life pre 1950 took place in black and white!!!! Thanks so much for the discount voucher - it may twist my arm into purchasing a blouse to complete the ensemble. I do have one here, but it's a sort of "make do" version! Many, many thanks. When I do my next Victorian day in school, I will be sure and have some photographs taken to send over! Again - thrilled to bits, one very happy customer! ....I really am delighted with every aspect of the order - from your helpful mails when I initially ordered, through to the way the order was expertly packed and very quickly delivered!

Best wishes from the U.K.,

The dress arrived, and it couldn't be more perfect! Thank you so much! I just spoke to Lynn and ordered the crinoline slip to make it more complete and more perfect! It is awesome! The guys are either wearing Blue Dickie uniforms or denim jeans and chambray shirts, for the railroad era. I am thrilled with this dress. Have a wonderful day!

Enthusiastically and with God's Blessings,

I wore the cotton set in dark teal to Christmas Eve Mass, and dinner beforehand. While going in to diner, my husband (who was in a suit with a formal greatcoat) and I were stopped several times and asked if we were with the carolers - they thought my dress looked 'just like the ones the women carolers were wearing.' It's a beautiful dress, and you folks have been incredibly helpful with getting the right sizes out to me, even when I messed up the ordering. Thank you.


Thank you so much for the prompt handling of my order! The dress is absolutely beautiful and it fits! I had so many compliments on it at the wedding and I must say it was the prettiest dress there (if I must say so myself)!

Debbi Y

Dear Recollections,
I am the producer for a stage production of THE TURN OF THE SCREW which takes place in 1872. We were looking for a costume for the young governess that was not matronly. After an exhaustive search, we found what appeared to be the perfect look on your well designed website. The price for the twill outfit was definitely reasonable and suited our budget. Little did I know the outfit and personal dealings with your company would exceed our expectations!

You made every effort to go above and beyond helping us et this costume as quickly as possible. You put together and shipped our order immediately, even though I did not ask for a rush order. This made it possible for us to take publicity shots for the production when we didn't think that we were going to be able to do so. With your guidance on sizing, absolutely no alterations were necessary, short of slight hemming. We appreciate the extra length in the skirt since our actress is tall. The workmanship in this outfit is outstanding!! As a seamstress, I appreciated the design of the waistband with the extra buttons so that there would not have to be complicated alterations and could also be worn by other actresses in the future. The buttons of the vest are eye-catchingly beautiful. For the price of this outfit, you could have easily used ordinary buttons. The button choice reflects an outfit twice the price. The skirt drapes beautifully with the generous fabric; the construction is second to none. The photographs on your website do not reflect the beauty of this costume. This superb outfit brings an authentic, professional look to our production.

Thank you for restoring faith in the existence of a company that strives for excellence in their product and outstanding customer service. I will definitely use you again in the future and will pass on your name to others. You have been a joy to work with on this production!


I received my dress and hat this morning and I can't think of the proper words to let you know how pleased I am with my order. Perhaps-- Perfect!!I Perfect!! I will certainly let all my friends know about you and I can hardly wait to show off my outfit at our Victorian Homes Christmas Tour and Tea. Thank You!!! Thank You!!"

Kind Regards,
Carol D.

My Recollections dress is hanging from the door! Oh, I am just in love. What a wonderful outfit with the exciting red plaid jacket, skirt and overskirt. This outfit is here in time for wearing for Xmas. I will wear it to the local Victorian restaurant for lunch and a tea house, Victorian shops in the next city over where there is a horse and buggy that takes many through the historical area.

Then I will wear it to Smithfield with all the eateries that are old fashion and little cozy shops. Then there is Williamsburg, all restored and roped off town for historical houses and walks. It leans toward colonial but there is always the Civil war connection as well, then I will wear it to several museum events around Victorian theme here.

The dress fabric is beautiful and the skirt is exquisite. The bodice fits just right. The only change I made was added guimpe at the top of skirt ruffle, upper jacket yoke and on the lower bodice edge and on the sleeve top. I like it even more opulent with the braiding.

This dress will be such a splash with my wonderful black fox fur muff and huge Victorian ostrich plume hat with long black net streamers down the back. I will pretend I am a lady of the 1800's out on the town and my servants are cleaning the house and my buggy will soon arrive. I will go back in time instead of dealing with the today.

Thanks for helping American women sew for American women. The pride of their work reflects in the neat inner lining area and the bound armholes. Since I am a seamstress for many years I appreciate the diligence it takes to make a fine product.

Thank you for the Xmas price. I could not have afforded to be selfish this Xmas except you gave me a stunning outfit for a reasonable price. My husband did not wrinkle his nose when I actually shared price with him.... honestly. He said he was delighted I got it and complemented me.

Now I did find the bustle ties on the inner skirt so I can have it bustled or in a long train (like for a photo). The dress will give a peek of my lady heeled Victorian shoes and there is a fabulous antique black petticoat with multi-tiers to wear with the dress and a corset for shape.

I can be a lady on the town and be so thankful you offered the outfit on your website. Thanks for the incredible customer service and for the fine product. I just love it.

Have a happy holiday and thanks for your good work.

I received my dress today . . . just in time for our trip! I love the dress. It is beautiful and fit perfect!!! Thanks again for such beautiful garments and superb service! Off to the Grand Canyon traveling via "The Train" from Williams, Arizona to the Canyon....


Dear Recollections,
I have misplaced the name of the lovely person I was corresponding with about my recent purchase. I complimented your seamstresses and designers. . . I love my Victorian outfit!
I am attaching a photo so you can see how it looks on me--I added a hat and some accessories! I'm holding a 100-year old parasol and getting ready to attend a Victorian Tea!
The Ladies of the Regiment (wives and friends of band members in the 4th Cavalry Regimental Band) attended a high tea at the Chantilly Tea Room here in Tucson. We were photographed by the proprietors and they loved our gowns!
Anyway, I just wanted you to know that we talked about "Recollections" at the tea and we'll gladly order more outfits as time goes by.
Thank you for your work and attention to history and details! You give us so many options! Keep up the wonderful efforts!
...I keep my Victorian outfit hanging on a hook in my guest room door so I can see it now and then--it's so pretty! I show it to guests and especially those who love vintage clothing--so it gets admired quite a lot!
Thanks for the updates and flyers about the latest sales and outfits available. I hope I'll be able to order more in the future!


The dresses and the wedding were an absolute dream come true. I will surely recommend you to others.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I just received my dress and it is absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you for such a beautifully crafted and designed dress, but even more for your fantastic customer service!

All the best to you!
Lorie T.

Just a quick note to let you know that my order did indeed arrive on Thursday afternoon, and it is beautiful. Our special events were a great success, and being able to dress in period clothing was the "icing on the cake." Thank you for your efforts. I look forward to doing business with you again some day."

Best Regards,

AWESOME!! It fit perfectly and it's just beautiful!! The quality of the stitching is divine. Can't wait for my friends to see it. THANK YOU!! Now I'll just have to come up with more reasons to order from you!!!"

Dawn G.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my calico dress today. I am just delighted with it and aside from needing a bit of taking in at the shoulders, it fit just fine. I will have the alterations made here because it has to be on me to be fitted in this area.

I have just ordered a pair of shoes to be worn with the ball gown and as soon as I receive them to make sure of their fit, I will contact you to order the ball gown. Also, this way I can try them on with the calico dress so I can be sure that the length will be OK.

Thank you so much for your time and your help. I also want to thank Recollections for making such a quality dress - the workmanship is superb.
I shall be in touch with you in a couple of weeks to order my next gown.


Dear designers and creators,
Thank you SO much for the beautiful and very well made dress you made me and the pinafore you made for my daughter. I wanted to show you how beautiful the dresses looked. We were the "belles" of the "ole time" picnic and enjoyed every minute of it. And we let everyone know who the wonderful creators were.

Thanks again for doing such quality work and getting it to me so quickly. I will definitely make sure that anyone who wants this type of dress contacts you.

Thank you,
Teresa B

Hi, Went home for lunch today and the fedex guy brought the dress I ordered last week. Just wanted to tell you that I love the dress and I really appreciate the fast service! Will definitely be ordering from you again!

Thanks again,

The dress and crinoline arrived this morning, and everything is way beyond my expectations! It was worth waiting for. The bodice length is perfect, the sleeves look fabulous, and the overall length is exactly right!

I wasn't really sure I wanted the dress in the Jade Pink Rosebud, but that is the color everyone said I needed - they were correct. It is absolutely gorgeous! Thank each and everyone one of you who worked on the dress, in whatever capacity. Each of you, in your own way, has produced a very beautiful dress that I will be proud to wear when I have the opportunity. Thanks, Recollections, for great communication, and your desire to make the dress 'just right!'

A big hug to all of you,

Thank you for your help with my order of the calico dress and crinoline. The package arrived on Saturday, and the dress is just lovely. The fit is really good, and I love the fabric. I really appreciate your help to ship the dress in time for our 1903 "history house" event this Saturday.

With best regards,

Just wanted to say "Thanks" for the lovely Calico Dress and Calico skirt that I received a few days ago - just in time for our town's 4th of July Parade. So many people LOVED my outfits! I, personally, was just so very pleased and impressed with the fit and finish of the pieces - I can't wait to buy more!
I sure wish we could have these lovely styles in fashion again - now!"


My slip has arrived as promised. Your promptness and professionalism is something I wish you could box and sale to other companies. It is impressive. Again, thank you.


Dear Recollections,
I received my beautiful Calico Set Victorian Dress (in Vintage Violet) yesterday and I am thrilled with it! The dress is superbly sewn and very authentic! The material is of fine quality and the little buttons are perfect! It fits me exactly! I am so delighted that I want to wear it to the store, out to dinner and to church! Once I put it on, I didn't want to take it off! My husband, who is the director of a historic band (the 4th Cavalry Regimental Band also known as the Old Arizona Brass Band) and who is a historian, loved it! He immediately gave me a big hug upon seeing me dressed up and said I looked wonderful!

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for the lovely dress and the very fair price - I love the Victorian Cameo you sent, also. I will definitely tell my "Ladies of the Regiment" to search your website for dresses and accessories. And I will invite them over to my house to see the new outfit!! I'm planning to have a Victorian Tea so they can model their outfits and we can share thoughts about our fashions. I know they will be interested in buying some items from Recollections!

Again, thank you for sending me such a desirable ensemble. ....I think your designers and seamstresses did a great job and I wish you every success with your endeavors! Thank you for being such a great source for Vintage clothing.

Nancy H.

Just wanted you to know that the dress arrived on Thursday. My wife is INCREDIBLY happy with it. Thank you so much.

Ed and Christine

Just wanted to say "thank you" for somehow managing to get to my order before shipping and change sizes on everything! I was pleasantly surprised when I received the box today. Great job! I'll definitely be doing business with you again...can't wait to get a chance to wear some of my new outfits. Keep up the fine work.

Kelly R.

We received the three calico print bridesmaid dresses earlier than expected!! I was very pleased when the box was opened - the raspberry vining print gave us the pink color we needed in the gowns. My bridal shower was yesterday at our local township hall, and I took two of the dresses there to present to the wearers. When I called one of them over, and started pulling the dress out of the box, I saw her face begin to crumble; she almost began to cry from happiness upon seeing it for the first time.....................!! So, on behalf of myself (the bride), Doris (my sister, and maid of honor), Sonia (best friend and bridesmaid) and Diane (future sister-in-law, and bridesmaid)..........we say, a heartfelt thanks to all of you Michigan women who worked so hard to help us have "my" wishes come true for this upcoming wedding. We sincerely appreciate your efforts and skills.

Sincerest thanks to all.

With gratitude,
Debbie K.

Thank you for your quick and excellent service. The clothes are beautiful with a nice fit. I was looking for a site like yours for ever sooooooooo long. Keep up the good work, and rest assured that all of your efforts are very well appreciated.

Once again, thanks.

My dress arrived in wonderful condition by noon Saturday and I just had to e-mail you back and tell you it's just perfect!!! I love the maribou----it matches the purple maribou on my red hat exactly and the feel of the satin, well, my husband loves the feel of that! I have praised your service and the ladies' workmanship all weekend to my friends. Today I'm taking it to my work to show all my "red hat " friends what a beautiful job you have done. I can not thank all of you enough. God be with you all and I am sure I will be contacting you again next year about this time or earlier for another dress for the Calico Days parade. Please tell your employees how much I appreciate their hard work .


Jeanie H

Dear Recollections Staff,
Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how thrilled I was to receive my recent order from your company. I was all set to take the dress to the alterations shop, never expecting anything ordered to fit so well. Imagine my happy surprise in trying on the outfit straight from the packaging, only to find that it couldn't have been tailor-made and fit any better. The quality was wonderful, also exceeding my expectations. Thank you also for the gift of black lace gloves. I'd completely forgotten that I'd need them to complete my outfit! I will certainly recommend you to all my Cowboy Action Shooting friends!

Beverly H

My dress arrived today and I could not be more pleased! The workmanship is lovely, the fit is great, and the entire look is wonderful! I will be wearing it to a Victorian Ladies' Tea in June, and I can't wait to show it off. Thank you so much for everything, and I am looking forward to stopping in at one of the retailers who carry your line when I visit Sedona, Arizona in July.


Thanks so much for being great people and a great company to work with! I am looking forward to the May sale items! ....The dresses I have purchased fit "like a glove" and I ordered "my" regular dress size. Any questions I had were always answered promptly and professionally....I plan to send you a couple of pictures of our musical duo performing, it shows the dresses in good use!

I look forward to my new ball gown!


I got the order today and everything is *wonderful*! Thanks so much! I'll definitely recommend Recollections to anybody in WWA or elsewhere who wants to look "authentic". The clothing fit very well and now I have a skirt for warm weather (the one with the train/bustle - very ingenious design) and one for cooler weather, the aubergine skirt, with pockets no less..
The shirt was fine, though the neck was a little high for me. I just opened it up and peeled it back and it looks elegant..


Thank you for your quick response. I received the pantaloons today. I want to Thank You for the extra surprise of a lace scarf. My granddaughter loves it and it is going to make a nice touch to the outfit. Again thank you so much. Great doing business with you. ...The pantaloons helped her in winning the title for the pageant she participated in. the 1890 era was a wonderful style. Thanks for having merchandise available.


I just received my previous order last night and it is excellent! Thank you again for your prompt assistance. The quality of the clothing is superb! I will definitely recommend you to my friends. And thank you for prioritizing my order. I'm looking forward to wearing it to the fair!

P.S. Thank you for the Free Gift of a ceramic box added to my order! It was a very nice surprise.

Take care,