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Eliza's Summer Afternoon Dress
Eliza Edwardian Suit
Edwardian Velvet Cape
Rose Edwardian Dress
Olive's Edwardian Visiting Dress
Downton Abbey Styled Maid's Uniform
Agatha Dress
Lady Audra Edwardian Suit
Feodora Edwardian Suit
Soprano Stripe Edwardian Suit with Chemisette
Goldensand Edwardian Dress
Indigo Pinstripe Edwardian Suit
Petronia Edwardian Style Corduroy Dress
Edwardian Style Suit
Iona Edwardian Lace Dress
Desiree Edwardian Lace Net Dress
Pierrette Edwardian Style Suit
Edwardian Maid
Normandy  Victorian Suit
Azalea Edwardian Street style Suit
Chantilly Lace Edwardian Era Angel Dress
Chantilly Lace Silk Chiffon Edwardian Era Swan Dress on sale

Fashions and accessories inspired by My Fair Lady!

Are you mounting a production of the musical? Are you inspired by Eliza and her progression from flower girl to independent woman? Shop our collection of Edwardian fashions and accessories inspired by this iconic musical. We have favorites for Eliza but we also have fashions for many of the other women in the cast - the maids, Freddie and Henry's mothers, other female cast members, too! Visit our complete line of Edwardian fashions for more options and inspiration.