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Bonnets and hats were commonly worn by women during the Victorian era. Those opting for a more modest appearance wore bonnets. Unfortunately, bonnets were considered matronly by many. Hats were all the rage, the taller the better. With the introduction of the parasol, bonnets and hats became ornamental by the 1860s. Their only function was design other than protection during cold weather.

Many of the styles of hats popular during the era were copies of men's hats. As garment styles gradually became more masculine, these styles were considered appropriate for daywear by the end of the era. Other popular hats included doll hats or perch hats that were known to turn into "3-story" creations. These hats could be quite tall and were secured to the hat with a large pin. Even the frailest woman could defend herself with the long pin.

Here at Recollections, we have a variety of hats spanning several eras. We have feathered teardrop hats for the Victorian maiden, straw hats for the Frontier woman, bonnets for the homely maid, feathered headbands for the flapper, netted hats for the retro girl and top hats for the gentleman. Whatever hat you fancy, we probably have it! Don't forget to check out our other accessories like parasols, gloves and boots to complete your outfit.