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Women's fashion often changes to focus on different parts of the body. These parts of the body, known as erogenous zones, are adorned to attract the viewer's attention. The erogenous zone focus shifted throughout the Victorian era. In the beginning of the era, the focus was on the waistline. Meanwhile, at the end of the era the focus was drawn to the bum.

The shift in focus can be seen in the style of undergarments worn. For instance, the full crinoline skirts helped pull focus to the waistline. Meanwhile the bustle helped draw attention to the bum. These structural garments helped add to the idealized exaggerated shape of women.

Before the introduction of the caged crinoline, women wore countless petticoats to create the large wide skirts. The caged crinoline allowed more freedom of movement, since their legs weren't covered by 5-6 petticoats. The caged crinoline collapsed for easy storage. When worn, it kept the skirt in a perfect bell shape.

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