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Jewelry was not only a fashionable accessory, but also a status symbol. Victorian society was enraptured by the booming industrial revolution. The jewelry of the time reflected this feeling, with pieces moving forward into the new age of modernity. Hot items of the era included: acrostic jewelry, cameos, chatelaines, large brooches, slide chains, matching bracelets, girandoles and hair jewelry.

During the early Victorian era, it was common for women to be given a wedding ring containing their birthstone rather than a diamond. However, with the discovery of diamonds in South Africa, diamonds became popular for wedding rings. Today we still keep up with this tradition, by giving wedding rings and engagement rings with diamonds.

Here at Recollections, we carry many styles of jewelry. Varying from pocket watches to stacked bracelet sets, our jewelry is of the highest quality. Handcrafted and lovely, our jewelry includes exquisite hand crafted details. Whether it be a brooch for your day dress or earrings for your evening gown, our jewelry adds the perfect finishing touch to any Victorian ensemble!