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Here, you'll find everything you need to walk the streets of a dusty town in the Old West. Recollections has everything you need for your Old West look, from Old West dresses to hats and everything in between. Take your Old West ensemble to the next level with some of the authentic Old West accessories we have available here on the Recollections website. We have all sorts of accessories, incuding boot warmers to capes and hats. What will really make your look perfect though are some of our Old West dresses. These dresses are a mix of Pioneer dresses and Victorian ball gowns, because the type of dress a woman owned depended on her social class.

While all women tried to be fashionable, wealthy women who lived inside Old Western towns could afford expensive and luxurious fabrics trimmed with coveted lace and other ornamentation, other women opted for a simpler look. Farm wives had the most simplistic outfits, with cotton fabrics that were easy to wash and allowed them to help their husbands maintain the farm.

At Recollections, you'll find a wide variety of Old West clothing. No matter what kind of Old West woman you're attempting to imitate, we have the perfect dress for you. We carry evening gowns and simple calico dresses, and all the Old West accessories you might find in any saloon or prairie field. We even have separate skirts and tops so that you can mix and match your outfit. No matter your taste, Recollections has the perfect Old West ensemble for you.

If you have Recollections' line of Old West dresses, please contact us. Our customer service representatives are happy to assist you.

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