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Recollections is proud to offer dresses 100% designed and lovingly created in the United States of America in sizes XS to XXXXL. Our dresses are inspired by a variety of historical periods including the Regency, Victorian, Edwardian, the 1920s, and the 1950s. We have fancy dresses, calico print dresses, and solid color cotton dresses that will make a fine addition to your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for opulence or simplicity, we have a design and fabric to fit your needs. More than one hundred styles are available in this category alone. Many of our print and solid color dresses are machine washable and dryable, too!

Our fancy dresses designs encompass the Victorian era, including Antebellum and Civil War periods, the Edwardian era, the 1920s and the 1950s. Imagine attending your next formal engagement in one of our fashions! Romantic, elegant, whimsical, classical; whatever your desire, Recollections can help you fulfill your wish.

Our calico print and solid color dresses feature the comfort and easy care of 100% cotton, yet are elegant in design. We offer styles covering the Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian eras, as well as 1950s retro designs. Many of these dresses offer front button closures for ease of dressing.

With styles covering the Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian eras, and the 1920s and 1950s, we have a design to meet your needs. Choose from corseted or loose-fitting bodices. Our famous 'V' bodice flatters most figures and is featured in our Victorian fashions. We also have four-dart and straight bodices in our Victorian designs as well as basque, boned, and lined varieties. Loose-fitting bodices are featured in our Edwardian styles. High-waisted bodices are featured in our Regency designs. While the bodice pretty much disappears during the 1920s, the crispness of our 1950s bodices offer support and comfort.

We also feature a variety of necklines. Dropped shoulder designs are featured in some of our Civil War era and ball gowns. We also offer scooped (slight and full), square, rounded, boat, and high necklines.

Recollections also offers different sleeve lengths and styles. Cap sleeves made from lace or short puffed sleeves are delicate and becoming. Elbow and three-quarter length sleeves offer combine functionality and fashion. Other styles offered include gathered to a cuff, leg-o-mutton, pagoda, flounced, ruffled lace, double-pouf, and long and slim. We also feature sleeveless styles.

Our skirts follow the fashion eras and offer everything from figure-skimming styles of the Regency and Edwardian eras, and the 1920s to three- and four-gored, trained, and bustled skirts of the Victorian era. Our 1950s retro-styled dresses feature a full-circle skirt measuring 180 inches at the hem! Many of our skirts are attached at the bodice, but some offer an elasticized waist.

Many of our fancy dresses are made of fabrics with exquisite finishes. Dupioni silk is known by its tight weave and small slubs that run horizontally across the fabric. Its soft folds gracefully drape and it has a highly-lustrous finish. It is a great choice for bridal parties and many of our fancy dresses are appropriate for weddings. If you desire a high-gloss shimmering finish, we have a selection of styles in satin. Need a dress that will stand out on its own? Choose a fancy dress with a muted luster taffeta finish. The slight ribbing creates that unmistakable rustle as you move about. Other choice fabrics include batiste (another great choice for a wedding), organza, easy care polyester, and high-quality cotton.

Victorian ball gowns are among our best sellers. You will be the belle of the ball in one of our Civil War gowns. We have one design that was inspired by Mary Todd Lincoln and many that would fit in at a picnic or dance at Tara.

We also have designs covering the bustled period of the 1870s and late Victorian era. Wear the bustle down and you have a lovely trained dress! Looking for something from the late Victorian period? We have that, too. We also have a variety of pioneer designs. Looking for something with a looser fit? Take a peek at our Edwardian-era and 1920s designs. Freer bodices, elasticized waistlines, and figure-skimming designs complement most figures.

Our attention to detail is what sets Recollections apart. We use a variety of beautiful trims in our designs including ruffles, lace, braiding, fabric rosettes, ruching, beading, gimp, Venice lace, applique, pleating, ribbons, sequins, fabric-covered buttons, and fringe in our designs.

We also offer a line of accessories for the perfect finishing touch. Boots and shoes, stockings, bloomers, petticoats, hoop skirts, corsets, chemises, jabots, fichus, chokers, necklaces, brooches, hats, hair ornaments, reticules, parasols, fans, and gloves can all be found here.

Whether you are wanting to step out of a Jane Austen novel, imagine yourself in Gone With the Wind or Breakfast at Tiffany's, or are looking for something whimsical, jazzy, classically prim, elegant, or romantic, we invite you to explore what our dresses have to offer.