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Victorian Bustier and Skirt
Victorian Bustier and Skirt
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Thank you, Charles Worth, for not only the bustled silhouette, but also for the resurgence of the train as a fashion statement. Trains on dresses had not been in fashion since the Regency era, but as the early bustle era evolved and the cage bustled crinoline gave way to the bustle pad and a desire for a natural form. What happened to all the fabric that was looped and pinned and buttoned up during the bustle period? It turned into a train! Trains were featured on ball gowns starting in 1870. By 1873, they were showing up in designs for daywear. This made a bustled dress best suited to the rich who could afford to replace a train as it became soiled or damaged through wear. Yet, women loved the elongated silhouette created by the train. Once the bustle was gone for good, the fabric remained and trains came back into fashion. They have remained a part of our fashion culture ever since.

Whatever the occasion is, you will make a grand entrance and a beautiful statement in one of our trained ball gowns. You may even want one for your wedding or holiday event!

Our polonaise designs look delightful bustled. But, wear the skirt down and change the look with a lovely train. Wear the polonaise jacket unbustled for another style from the same ball gown! You will be the center of attention when you enter wearing one of our trained ball gowns.

Our ball gowns with trains feature a variety of stylings in the skirts. Hems feature ruffles, flounces, and ruffled lace. Detailing on these gowns range from simple elegance to intricate opulence. Embellishments include shirring on the skirt front and ruching at the hemline. Many feature an elastic waistband for your comfort. Twill tapes are included in many of the styles so you can bustle or train as you desire.

Bodices vary from a deep flattering 'V' to gathered at the waist. Some feature long bodices for that elongated look. A variety of sleeve styles are available; long and fitted, flounced cuffs, short-sleeve, and off-the-shoulder. Our polonaise jackets feature front closures of cloth-covered buttons for an added touch of elegance. Out trained ball gowns also offer different necklines from square to scooped to shawl. There is something for nearly everyone looking for a ball gown with a train.

Many of our gowns are made of luxurious fabrics such as taffeta, dupioni, satin, and velvet, and damask, and should be dry-cleaned only. Even our high-quality cotton gowns should be dry-cleaned to protect the beautiful detailing and embellishments.

Recollections offers a full line of accessories to help you complete your look. We have hats, bonnets, and hair ornaments, jewelry, cuffs, collars, bustles, chemises, petticoats, crinolines, stockings, shoes and boots, parasols, reticules, fans, and more!

All Recollections garments are available in sizes XS to XXXXL and are proudly designed and created in the United States of America. Our knowledgeable sales staff is here to assist you every step of the way. We look forward to making your next (or first) ball gown!