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Victorian Bustier and Skirt
Renata Victorian Polonaise Dress
Bella Rose Victorian Bustle Set
Octavia Rose Victorian Lace Ball Gown
Perla Victorian Polonaise Bustle Dress
Corrina Victorian Bustle Dress
Emmanuelle Victorian Velvet Suit
Isadore Victorian Bustle Dress
Bustle Pad
Caprice Victorian Bustle Dress
Isabella Victorian Polonaise Ensemble
Victorian Velvet and Satin Polonaise
Countess Lucia Victorian Bustle Dress
Alexandra front velvet buttons Victorian Gown with train
Isolde Lacy Victorian Polonaise Set
Ava Polonaise Ensemble
Lucretia Victorian Velvet Set
Ursula Victorian Polonaise Set
Victorian Polonaise Long bustled jacket with flounced taffeta skirt with train
Victorian Dupioni Cape Ensemble
Black Bustle Pad
Black Crinoline
White Crinoline Petticoat
White Feather Fan

The Age of Innocence - Edith Wharton's novel adapted for the screen. Set during the 1870s when bustles and trains ruled fashion!