We love the Edwardian era! There is something so enchanting about the aesthetic of the time. Perhaps it is the combination of sweeping hairstyles, flowing skirts, and tiny florals. It is a fun time to study as so many things were changing for women yet much of their clothing remained in the traditional styles that so many of our readers love. I have had a wonderful time exploring various aspects of the Edwardian era during my time as a blogger for Recollections, including a handful of new posts this month. Long before I came on the blog has included pieces on the sliver of time at the beginning of the 20th century. As I know the Edwardian era continues to be a favorite with our readers I thought it would be fun to put together a roundup of the blog posts we have done on the time, some places you can learn more, and a list of our favorite pieces for you to create your very own Edwardian beauty look. 

Black and white photograph of King Edward
King Edward: the last monarch to have an era named for him.

Women of the Edwardian era

Camille Clifford: Gibson Girl

Bessie Coleman: a female daredevil to remember

My favorite Anne of Green Gables fun facts

Princess Louise and her Clandestine Cigarettes

Frances Perkins – from Massachusetts to the White House

11 Interesting Facts about Annette Kellerman, Edwardian Swimming Star

Edwardian Beauty – on Stage and in Film

Black and white photograph of Bessie Coleman with pilot's hat
Bessie Coleman
Who has been your favorite Edwardian woman to read about on the blog?

Edwardian culture and life 

Femininity in Question: Edwardian Depictions of the New Woman

Celebrating Easter in times of yore

5 Movie Favorites that Span the Edwardian Era

Living Life in an Edwardian Dress

Harem Pants: The Lost Edwardian Clothes

Suffragist or suffragette?

Black and white photograph of Edwardian woman in long black skirt and large black hat
                Image source: Rare Historical Photos

Edwardian fashion 

Achieving the Gibson Girl S-silhouette: it’s all about the padding

The truth about the Edwardian Hobble Skirt

Edwardian women fashion: morning, noon, and night

Go Big or Go Home: The Merry Widow Hat

Preparing for an Edwardian-themed event

Victorian and Edwardian Neckwear

How straw hats became shabby chic

The Tea Gown – Bridging Victorian and Edwardian Fashion

Edwardian Women Loved Hair and Hats! Part 1

Edwardian Women Loved Hair and Hats! Part 2

What is your favorite Edwardian fashion?

Learn more about the Edwardian era

PBS: Edwardian life 

The Manners of the Edwardian Era

Churchhill Central: A Brief but Comprehensive Guide on the Edwardian Era

Edwardian Promendade website        

Create your own Edwardian look

Willow Edwardian Dress

Willow Edwardian Dress

Edwardian Vest and Skirt

Edwardian Vest and Skirt

Brigitte Edwardian Dress

Brigitte Edwardian Dress

Edwardian Accessories