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Cheree White Edwardian Hat
Edwardian Suffrage Hat
Black Edwardian Hat
Ivory and Peach Edwardian Hat
Edwardian Lacy Trimmed Chemisette
Edwardian Lacy Front
Cotton Belt
Black, Ivory, Peach or White Satin Gloves
Ivory Lace Gloves
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White Battenburg Fan
Ivory Battenburg Fan
Black Battenburg Fan
White Feather Fan
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Black-Red Feather Fan
Agatha Apron on sale
Lacy Cotton Cuffs
Lace Chemisette
Hallie Edwardian Apron
Victorian Edwardian Print Bow
Elsie Edwardian Collar
Eliza Chemisette
Venice Lace Jabot

In the Edwardian era, many components went into completing a look. Pins for the hair, jabots and chemisettes for under jackets and blouses, jewels and chokers for evening wear, gaiters for boots and fans for flirting. Accessories were important to the Edwardian woman.

Taking cues from the hit series, Downton Abbey, our accessories here at Recollections provide the Edwardian inspired maiden with all her accessory needs. Think of Lady Mary's statement jewelry and Lady Sybil's delicate lace gloves. We have recreations of both!

We even provide aprons for those wishing to recreate the mischief of Anna, Mrs. Hughes and Daisy and Mrs. Patmore. At the time, ladies often wore aprons to keep their dresses clean while they worked. Side pockets are sewn into the seams, to provide space for keeping trinkets like keys and secret letters.

All of our products here at Recollections are made and designed in the USA. Our knowledgeable sales staff is here to assist you every step of the way. We look forward to making your historically accurate accessories to perfectly complete your Edwardian ensemble!