Happy Easter Recollections Community! 

I have looked forward to writing posts this time of year since I came into the Recollections blog because Easter is such a pretty holiday and I know that many of our customers love celebrating it. I enjoy Easter and this time of year because I am such a firm believer in the power of spring for creating renewal in life and setting positive goals. This year, I am observing the holiday with a brand new daily gratitude practice and a gluten-free Easter brunch, including pastel-colored cupcakes. 

Last week while researching for my recent post on egg cups I stumbled upon a large and delightful collection of antique Easter cards in the New York Public Library’s digital collection. I thought selecting a large handful of my favorites to share with you would be a nice gift and something that would be a nice gift from us. 

The only problem was making my selection! They were all so beautiful and interesting. I hope you enjoy what I settled on and that you have a wonderful Easter weekend! 

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An Easter Bunny talent show!
All aboard!
I’m not sure I really understand this one but I thought it was too cute not to include…
I think we need more Easter lilies these days!
I think this is just precious.
I sure like her Easter bonnet!
I really don’t understand this! But I’d love to hear from anyone who does!
Another head-scratcher!
Easter bonnet delivery!
Easter bunny baseball!
I saved my favorite for last.

Happy Easter!