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Desiree Victorian Civil War Ballgown
Victorian Gown
Angelica  Victorian Ball Gown
Snowdrop Edwardian Eyelet Lace Gown
Anya Civil War Styled Dress
Annika Edwardian Lace Gown
Persephone Civil War Gown
Marelda Silk Victorian Ball Gown
Jessamine Victorian Dress
Anastasia Victorian Fancy Dress
Priscilla Victorian Gown
Abigail Revolutionary Style Gown
Victorian Velvet and Satin Polonaise
Desidera Victorian Gown and Collar
Tara Civil War Styled Gown
Arabella Silk Victorian Ball Gown
Emma Rosa Victorian Civil War Ballgown
Victorian Ball Gown
Octavia Rose Victorian Lace Ball Gown
Madison Victorian Polonaise Dress
Mary Elizabeth Victorian Gown
Marilla Victorian Polonaise and Taffeta Skirt
Farrah May White Lace Organza Gown
Noelle Victorian Ball Gown
Diantha Victorian Bustle Set
Vanessa Revolutionary Style Gown
Fidelia Victorian Bustle Dress
Carrie Victorian Dress
Victorian Southern Belle Ball Gown
Emma Victorian Gown
Lorellen Off Shoulder Victorian Civil War Ballgown
Victorian Civil War Styled Ball Gown
Primrose Victorian Civil War Gown
Colette Civil War Styled Ball Gown
Victorian Cotton Gown
Velvet Ball Gown
Chantelle Victorian Ball Gown
Victorian Gown and Lace Basque
Lavinia's Civil War hoop dress
Isabella Victorian Polonaise Ensemble
Pagoda Civil War Style Gown
Bellamira Dupioni Victorian Ball Gown
Magnolia Victorian Satin Ball Gown
Jobeth Classic Victorian Gown
Cintha Victorian Gown
Anna Belle Civil War Styled Gown
Mistique Victorian Ensemble
Countess Lucia Victorian Bustle Dress
Rosetta Belle Victorian Gown
Lady Johanna Polonaise Ensemble
Raven Victorian Ensemble
Alexandra Victorian Gown
Lady Anne Civil War Gown
Ava Polonaise Ensemble
Renata Victorian Polonaise Dress
Lasalle Civil War Ensemble
Cassidy Old West Civil War Style Dress
Mallory Victorian Civil War Dress
Civil War Era Dress
Laurel Revolutionary Style Gown
Victorian Civil War Style Set
Ursula Victorian Polonaise Set
Tamsin Victorian Gown
Bella Rose Victorian Bustle Set
Isolde Lacy Victorian Polonaise Set
Civil War Styled Set
Victorian Bustier and Skirt
Helena Civil War Styled Gown
Victorian Dupioni Cape Ensemble
Alicia Victorian  Polonaise
Janina Victorian Style Cotton Ball Gown
Larksong Victorian Civil War Style Gown
Henrietta Victorian Polonaise and Skirt
Nellie Lovett Victorian Red Stripe Dress
Henrietta Victorian Polonaise (without skirt)
Devon's Victorian Silk Bustle Dress
Civil War Era Jacket
Nicolette Classic Victorian Gown
Aurinda Revolutionary Style Gown
Phoebe Revolutionary Style Gown
Winnet Revolutionary Style Gown
Bethia Revolutionary Style Gown
Elsie Revolutionary Style Gown
Elsie Revolutionary Style Overdress and Collar
Bethia Revolutionary Style Overdress and Chemisette
Aurinda Revolutionary Style Overdress and Chemisette
Winnet Revolutionary Style Overdress
Phoebe Revolutionary Style Overdress
Victorian Velvet  Polonaise (Jacket only)

Worn during formal evening events, gowns were the finest garments owned by Victorian maidens. Made of luxurious fabrics like brocade and damask, gowns were expensive. While a wealthy woman might have several evening gowns to choose from, most women only had one gown. Evening gowns were worn for a variety of evening events, including balls, dinner parties, theatre performances, and operas.

Depending on the event at hand, different styles of evening gowns were worn. For a smaller party or event, a modest light or dark colored gown was worn depending on season. For a larger festivity, an off the shoulder fashionable gown was worn. The choice of gown could be quite stressful, as many were uncertain of what to wear where. Many articles were published at the time, voicing different opinions on the matter.

Here at Recollections, we have historically accurate gowns for every occasion! Our extravagant gowns are unique and show stopping. Be the belle of the ball in a satin ball gown or the perfect hostess in a fancy bustle dress. All of our gowns are available in sizes XS to XXXXL and made in the USA. We can't wait to make your next (or first) Victorian evening gown!