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Satin Victorian Ball Gown
Victorian Ball Gown
Victorian Satin and Lace Ball Gown
Arabella Ball Gown
Satin Victorian Civil War Ballgown
Lucretia Victorian Set
Off Shoulder Victorian Civil War Ballgown
Civil War Victorian Styled Gown
Margaret Civil War Victorian Styled Gown
Christina Victorian Ball Gown
Persephone Civil War Gown
Jasmine Civil War Ball Gown
Victorian Civil War Styled Ball Gown
Marelda Victorian Ball Gown
Vertiline Civil War Gown
Carolina Civil War Gown
Civil War Styled Set
Mary Elizabeth Victorian Gown
Lady Anne Civil War Gown
Peony Civil War Styled Gown
Mallory Victorian Civil War Dress
Piper Ensemble
Georgia Civil War Ball Gown
Christina Victorian Overdress

The Civil War was one of the most tumultuous points in American history. Scholars continue to study it and its effect on our nation's current political climate. It is also the setting for many of the most popular novels and movies, such as famous favorites like Gone with the Wind. We know from these movies the ways in which Civil War dresses were structured. After all, the big hoop skirts and high necks were a signature of the southern belle style. Civil War dresses are important because they were the last era of the hoop skirt. After the Civil War, styles began changing. The bustle became more popular as the hoop skirt faded away.

Civil War dresses required many different pieces and parts in order to create one fully functional outfit. Corsets, crinolines, petticoats, camisoles, and hoops were all a part of everyday wear for women of the Victorian era. Styles were modest and simple, especially during the war. In fact, many of the real-life Civil War dresses would have been black because most of the women were in mourning for some man in their family who had fought. The Victorian codes for mourning were very strict, and it was disrespectful to wear certain colors before a designated time.

Let Recollections create your next Civil War dress for whatever reenactments or parties you have coming up. Our dresses are all handmade right here in the United States, and you can call us with any questions you may have about sizing or patterns. Your dress is in the best hands with Recollections. Get started building your Civil War dress collection today!

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