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Adora Edwardian Gown
Delphinia Edwardian Gown
Snowdrop Edwardian Eyelet Lace Gown
Marta Edwardian Dress
Tilly Edwardian Dress
Blanche Edwardian  Blouse
Pearl Edwardian White Batiste Lacy Blouse
Odessa White Edwardian Blouse
Annie Summer Victorian Dress
White Victorian Batiste Blouse
Adele Edwardian Blouse
White Batiste Blouse Lace Trim
Blythe Victorian Edwardian Camisole
Nellie Victorian Camisole
Ashlyn Blouse

During the Edwardian era, women often wore cotton blouses with their slimmer skirts to achieve the trendy S-curve figure. Also referred to as cottons or shirtwaists, these blouses were a primary part of the day outfits. The day outfit consisted of a tailored skirt, blouse and jacket. The jacket was usually worn during the colder seasons. The look was often finished with a large feathered hat.

These outfits could be worn for typical day-to-day morning activities such as running errands, shopping or having lunch with a friend. For the later hours of the day an afternoon dress, tea gown or evening gown was worn.

To the advantage of the wearer, cottons emphasized the waistline for a slimming effect. The liberating blouses had a larger range of movement compared to previous tight fitting bodices. Since these shirtwaists were popular and worn regularly, they were produced in high volumes and inexpensive compared to other choices.

At Recollections we offer a wide range of cottons to pair with your favorite jacket and skirt for the perfect Edwardian day look! Our cotton blouses and dresses feature a variety of details such as lace trims, pleating and button cuffs. The suave and sophisticated blouses frame the beautiful face of the wearer. No doubt creating a charming look! All Recollections pieces are offered in size XS to XXXXL and proudly made in the USA!

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