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White Ruffled 6-bone Hoop
Promise Camisole
Addy Camisole and Drawers
Dani Camisole and Pantaloons
Promise Camisole and Pantaloons
Victorian  Lace Pantaloons
Hedy Camisole and Pantaloons
Amber Victorian Petticoat
Birdie Combination Petticoat
Victorian Camisole and Bloomers
Ada Victorian Cotton Dress
Hedy Camisole
Edwardian Camisole and Petticoat
Edwardian Combination Corset Cover and Petticoat
Camisole and Pantaloons
Princess Edwardian Slip Dress
Dani Victorian Camisole
Promise Camisole Blouse
Jessie Corset Cover Camisole
Blythe Victorian Edwardian Camisole
White Batiste Camisole
Blythe Cotton Camisole
Victorian Cotton Camisole
Edwardian Rustling Petticoat
Crinolines, chemises, and corsets, oh my!

No matter what you wear on the outside, it all starts with undergarments.
Many of our undergarments are actually used as outerwear nowadays, especially our corsets. You'll also find definite undergarments such as madam's bustle and historically accurate drawers.