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Along with body language, the fan had a great role in socializing. Fan flirtation was a great way to cope with the strict social etiquette rules of the time. Since women didn't want to be obvious in their flirting, the use of fans for flirting was quite common. Not only did women have to memorize fan language, but so did young men who wanted to flirt with the ladies. Some of the common messages included: placing your fan near your heart to say "I love you", opening your fan wide to say "wait for me" and fanning slowly to say "I am married."

A Victorian woman wouldn't be caught dead without a fan at a social event. It was an indispensable fashion accessory during the era. Fans were commonly made of exotic feathers, tortoiseshell, ivory, and bone. Artificial materials like imitate tortoiseshell were also used. Fan painting became a recognized craft and art form. During the era, Japanese inspired designs were all the rage as a kind of neo renaissance.

At Recollections, our fans come in two variations: with feathers and without feathers. Our fans with feathers come in several colors, ranging from bright colors to black and white. Likewise, our lace fans come in black and white. These fans will compliment any Recollections ensemble. Check out our other accessories to complete your Victorian-inspired look!