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Victorian Twill Skirt
Walking Victorian Twill Skirt
Victorian Edwardian Twill Skirt on sale
Print Cotton Skirt
Pioneer  Half Apron
Victorian Edwardian Maid's Mob Cap
Pioneer Calico Apron
Pioneer Blouse
Civil War Cotton Skirt
V-neckline Twill Vest
Victorian Pioneer Edwardian Work Apron on sale
Jessie Victorian Ruffled Skirt
Cassidy Victorian Cotton Skirt
Pioneer Print Skirt
Maggie Victorian Blouse
Pioneer Old West Skirt
Cotton Blouse
Pioneer Victorian Blouse
Maybelle Victorian Overskirt
Pioneer Victorian Pinafore
Pioneer Bonnet
Green Gable Blouse
Victorian Pioneer Top
Ida Victorian Edwardian Blouse

Ah, the Old West! Settlers from all over the world set out to make a new life on a new continent. Out with the old, in with the new. Families traveled in wagons and via horseback to explore the American Frontier. Boomtowns set up across the West. The California gold rush brought hundreds of thousands to California on land or overseas, while the 2,000 mile Oregon Trail brought settlers on a tumultuous journey through prairielands and forests. Everyone came in search of the wealth and prosperity only found in the rich new lands of the West Coast.

With this new lifestyle came demands for a new style of dress. After the 1850s, separates were popular in women's fashion. They provided a wider range of options for women working alongside their husbands and families on their homesteads. Most women made their own garments; only the rich had garments made for them. Those who couldn't afford to buy fine calico printed fabric would make their own. They would take wool from sheep and spin it into thread and weave it into fabric. The process was work intensive, often taking several months to complete.

Inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder or Anne of Green Gables, Recollections Pioneer separates are great for working on the homestead. Our separates include: calico bonnets, blouses, work aprons, skirts, vests and suits. Our aprons will keep your dress clean while you work, and our vests are great for a sophisticated schoolmarm. Whatever your Pioneer look calls for, Recollections has it!