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Black Twill Victorian Walking Skirt - in stock

Frontier maidens in the Old West wanted to live like their family and friends back East. In reality, this was harder said than done. Women living in remote places often had to wear their out-of-date garments for long periods of time. Access to a dress maker and new fabric was hard to come by, even for the rich socialite. Instead, women often had to make do with what they had. They created new garments out of old ones and patched holes frequently.

Women's skirts changed as women started adopting new roles on the frontier. No longer were they constricted to in-home work, but often required to do outdoor labor. They helped their husbands, fathers and sons on the farmstead. Traditional Victorian-era wear was impractical for these tasks. Instead women wore shorter skirts with a split down the front to provide more range of movement. Women also wore only 1 to 2 petticoats rather than 5 to 7, as the large amount of petticoats proved to be a nuisance on hot summer days.

At Recollections, we have many styles of skirts available for the maiden of the Old West. Choose from skirts with bustle, without bustle, with crinoline, without crinoline, with a train or a split down the front! Our made in the USA skirts are available in sizes XS to XXXXL and come in an array of exquisite fabrics. All of our skirts pair beautifully with our Old West tops for one fine Old West ensemble!