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Mary Chestnut's Americana Victorian Cotton Dress
Briar Rose  Bustle Style Cotton Dress
Edwardian Combination Corset Cover and Petticoat
Mourning Gown
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Emlyn Cotton Victorian Dress
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Lorraine Retro Dress with Sash
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Mourning Gown - Size M
Mary Chestnut's Victorian  Dress - Sizes S, M
There is a simple elegance in a solid color cotton dress. We offer an elegant array of Victorian, Edwardian, and '50s retro designs. Many are available in a wide variety of ravishing colors for every season. Most offer a front closure of cloth or metal buttons that not only complements the bodice, this type of closure makes it easier to get dressed (and undressed), too! We even have one that would have been a combination undergarment in centuries past, but can also serve as a summer dress today. Comfortable cotton combines femininity with functionality. These dresses may be hand or machine washed and hung to air dry or tumbled dry on a low setting. All of our solid color cotton dresses are designed and proudly made in the United States and are available in sizes XS to XXXXL!

Many of our solid cotton Victorian dresses feature a figure-flattering deep 'V' point bodice. Others offer a classic tailored-fit straight cut bodice. In keeping with the era, our Civil War era-inspired dress shapes the bodice front with four darts and has a beautiful dropped shoulder neckline. Square, scooped, and high necklines are featured in our Victorian designs. They athey are also available in a variety of sleeve lengths and styles. Long sleeves, cuffed, three-quarter, or capped in lace or trimmed in lace, our solid cotton dresses allow you to show as much or as little of your arms as you desire. Our three- or four-gored skirts are beautifully gathered at the bodice. Some offer the option of boot-length or floor length. Looking for something in denim or that can be bustled? We have that too, in our solid cotton Victorian dresses. We also carry a classic black mourning dress

Our Victorian and Edwardian cotton batiste dresses offer a variety of flattering styles. Each has a personality of its own and each holds all the romance befitting of a bride on her wedding day. Whether you are looking for something whimsical for an outdoor summer nuptial, or are looking for something a little more formal, batiste offers a lightweight alternative for warm weather weddings that is sure to become an heirloom. Most of our Edwardian styles have an elastic waist for comfort, too. Venice lace, satin ribbon, and lace are among the trims used in these beautiful dresses. We also offer styles that are perfect for bridesmaids!

We also have adorable 1950s retro styles. Made from cool crisp cotton, our sleeveless or short cuffed sleeve designs are sure to be a favorite for warmer weather. The skirts are so full they measure 180 inches at the hem! Like pockets? We have a design that includes them. One style is also available in your choice of two lengths. We also have designs that feature either a pointed or a turned-back collar.

Complete your solid color cotton dress with our accessories. We have hats, gloves, stockings, boots and shoes, jewelry, purses, and more. We also offer a wide variety of undergarments including corsets, crinolines and hoops, petticoats.