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Marcella Victorian Polonaise and Skirt Dress
Eden Lacy Victorian Polonaise
Renata Victorian Polonaise Dress
Dagmara Bustle Gown and Skirt
Mimosa Victorian Ensemble
Clarimonde Victorian Style Ensemble
Countess Lucia Victorian Bustle Dress
Octavia Rose Victorian Lace Ball Gown on sale
Henrietta Victorian Polonaise and Skirt
Mrs. Cheyenne's Victorian Afternoon Dress
Emily Polonaise Set
Gretchen Victorian Polonaise Ensemble
Princess Ola Silk Dupioni Bustle Dress
Countess Veronika Victorian Silk Bustle Dress
Lady Jess Paisley Victoria  Bustle Dress
Lillian's Afternoon Silk Walking Dress
Lady Lee's Late Victorian Afternoon Dress
Lady Eva's Victorian Silk Bustle Dress
Isadore Victorian Bustle Dress
Marilla Victorian Polonaise and Taffeta Skirt
Victorian Velvet and Satin Polonaise
Isabella Victorian Polonaise Ensemble
Alicia Victorian  Polonaise
Bella Rose Victorian Bustle Set
Diantha Victorian Bustle Set
Perla Victorian Polonaise Bustle Dress
Madison Victorian Polonaise Dress
Isolde Lacy Victorian Polonaise Set
Victorian Polonaise Long bustled jacket with flounced taffeta skirt with train
Devon's Victorian Silk Bustle Dress
Victorian Bustled Dupioni velvet ribbon Polonaise ruffled lace skirt
Carmela Victorian Lacy Bustled Cotton Polonaise and Skirt
Victorian Bustier and Skirt
Anne Frances Ball Gown
Victorian Annamae Polonaise Set
Gretchen Victorian Polonaise (Jacket only)
Countess Veronika Victorian Silk Bustle Skirt
Lady Eva's Victorian Silk Bustle Skirt
Princess Ola Silk Dupioni Bustle Skirt
Lillian's Afternoon Silk Walking Skirt

The bustle was incorporated in evening wear and worn by women attending balls, special occasions and other evening events. A jupon underskirt was worn underneath evening gowns. It supported the heavy layers of luxurious fabrics with steel and stiffened flounces. The hemline of the jupon was often made of lace, for added detail and luxury if it was to be revealed.

The bustle came in two styles during the Victorian age. During the era of the second bustle, the color of a women's evening attire was dictated by the function she would attend. For theatre performances and balls, light colored gowns were worn. For dinner or evening dress, jewel colored gowns were worn.

Feel like the bell of the ball, in a fancy bustle gown from Recollections. Made from lavish fabrics of velvet, satin, and taffeta, our fancy bustle gowns are of the highest luxury. The show stopping gowns made in the USA feature voluminous ruching, intricate lacework and short trains.

Here at Recollections, we also offer a full line of accessories to help you complete your ball ensemble. We have hair ornaments, jewelry, bustles, stocking, shoes, boots, reticules, fans and more!

All Recollections garments are available in sizes XS to XXXXL. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you every step of the way. We look forward to making your next (or first) fancy bustle gown!