One thing I love about writing for Recollections is that it gives me the opportunity to write about female figures from the past, and that our readers love it. Women’s History Month is always a fun time for me and I want to make sure to recognize the fun that our customers have had with the blog since I came on. We have covered a lot about women’s culture, trailblazing women, and how women have adapted to changes in society. And of course, we have talked a lot about how women have used clothing to make a place for themselves in public and to use the freedom they have had through time to make decisions about what they wear. I don’t think Women’s History Month would be complete without attention given to some of my favorite pieces. 

I have also included a short list of some of my favorite women’s history books in case you are hoping to get some new titles this month. 

Do you have a favorite woman from history or topic related to women’s role in society that you would like me to cover? Let me know in the comments! 

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Some of our favorite women’s history books

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