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Marelda Silk Victorian Ball Gown
Civil War Victorian Style Dress
Adella Victorian Style Dress
Trinity Civil War Dress
Trinity Dress and Cape
Aileen Victorian Dress
Victorian Styled Work Dress
Gisele Victorian Dress
Althea Victorian Style Bustle Dress
Katharine Victorian Style Dress
Eliza Victorian Dress
Priscilla Victorian Gown
Margeaux Victorian Style Prairie Dress
Serenity Victorian Dress
Persephone Civil War Gown
Helena Civil War Styled Gown
Mary Elizabeth Victorian Gown
Jenna Victorian Dress
Retta Victorian Dress
Charity Victorian Dress on sale
Georgie Victorian Dress
Anna Belle Civil War Styled Gown
Elsa Victorian Dress
Tara Civil War Styled Gown

Are you ready to get thrown back into the days of Gunsmoke and Bonanza? If you said yes, then you'll just love our Old West dresses. Our Old West dresses are a mix of Pioneer dresses and Victorian ball gowns, because that's precisely the kind of mix that Old West dresses had. Women who were wealthy could afford the luxuries from the eastern states, like lace and expensive fabrics. However, many women made their dresses from calico and other lightweight, cotton fabrics. These fabrics, coupled with a raised hem and looser sleeves, allowed the women to help the men on family farms and ranches.

At Recollections, you'll find an eclectic mix of cut and style of Old West clothing. We carry everything that women of the Old West would have worn, no matter their social station. We have elegant evening gowns decked out in lace and ribbons, as well as simpler dresses that would be day dresses for the average woman. We even have saloon outfits for the more scandalous women who were bartenders at the local tavern. No matter your personal preference, budget, or needs, Recollections has the perfect Old West fashion for you.

If you have any questions about Recollections or our many different styles of Old West dresses, please contact us. Our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you. Make the choice to have a high-quality, handmade Old West dress for your next reenactment or costume party. We know you'll be happy with your results from Recollections.