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Gretchen Victorian Polonaise Ensemble
Bethany Ensemble
Carlotta Victorian Ensemble
Anouk Victorian Ensemble
Gina Gypsy Blouse-Cinched Vest-Split Skirt
Rebecca Victorian Print Set
Victorian Civil War Style Set
Victorian Styled Dress Set
Victorian Style Ensemble
Pioneer Ensemble
Pioneer Print Set
Demetria Braid Trimmed Victorian Ensemble
Victorian Bustier and Skirt
Liesel Victorian Ensemble
Josepha Victorian Print Jacket and Skirt
Linette Victorian Style Ensemble on sale
Emily Polonaise Set
Mirabelle Victorian Style Print Ensemble
Kady Bell Civil War Gown
Angie Edwardian Styled Outfit
Victorian Polonaise Set
Lavinia Victorian Ensemble
Maybelle Victorian Ensemble
Civil War Styled Ensemble

The fabric of the era helps us further understand the Victorian era. Calico, a printed cotton, is one of those fabrics. First making its way to Europe in the 1400s, calico was considered a luxury. Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, calico textile production came to the United States. During the beginning of its production in the early 1800s, it was still considered a costly luxury textile by many. As time progressed calico production increased, reducing the cost of the fabric. Frontier women were able to afford a blot of the cloth to make garments for their families. However, it still remained unattainable for rural women who were forced to make their own clothing from woolen fibers.

Whether in San Francisco, on the frontier or in Europe calico was favored for its practicality. Not only was cotton a cheap fabric, but it was breathable. Women could go about their day to day activities without central air and not overheat. These bright fabrics were a fashionable change from the simple goods available to the working class at the time.

Here at Recollections, we have designs perfect for the working frontier maiden and the high class society women. Our handsome polonaise ensembles are great for smart day wear. While our split skirt and blouse ensembles are excellent for a hard day's work on the frontier. All of our garments are made in the USA and available in sizes XS to XXXXL. We can't wait to make your next (or first) print ensemble!