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Ava Teardrop Hat
Serena Velvet Dress
Olive's Edwardian Visiting Dress
Marcellina Chantilly Lace Edwardian Dress
World War I Nurse's Uniform
Downton Abbey Styled Maid's Uniform
Victorian Edwardian Maid's Mob Cap
Marta Edwardian Dress
Honora Edwardian Suit
Honora Long Edwardian Jacket
Lilith Edwardian Ensemble
Marta Edwardian Blouse
Harriet Edwardian Blouse, Skirt and Belt
Angie Edwardian Styled Outfit
Petronia Edwardian Style Corduroy Dress
Roaring 20's Day Suit
Edwardian Lace Dress
Iona Edwardian Lace Dress
Edwardian Style Suit
Pierrette Edwardian Style Suit
Edwardian Style Suit
Edwardian Style Jacket
Edwardian Twill Skirt
Annalise White Batiste Edwardian Dress

Downton Abbey was one of the biggest shows to hit the globe. It took both the US and England by storm. Following the lives of an aristocratic family living during the Edwardian era into the 1920s, the show's suspense, intrigue, and drama makes it a shoo-in for most popular shows of the season. One of the most interesting parts of the show is the beautiful and accurate costumes all of the characters wear. Whether it's a maid's outfit or an elegant evening gown, Downton Abbey costumes are some of the most accurate ones on the silver screen.

Here at Recollections, you can have your own personal closet full of Downton Abbey costumes. Whether you're looking to dress like Lady Mary in a long and intricate evening gown or Anna who would be dressing Lady Mary, we have just the dress for you. Our dresses range from the Edwardian era to the Roaring 20s. These later costumes are perfect for younger members of the cast, like Rose. We also have all the appropriate accessories for all the cast of characters, including shoes, fans, gloves, hats, and jewelry.

Downton Abbey costumes can be reused over and over, and are even coming back into contemporary fashion. Between the success of Downton Abbey and the recent Great Gatsby movie, flapper dresses and dropped-waist styles are in vogue. You could wear your Downton Abbey costume to any event!

Start looking at some of our Downton Abbey styles below and search the rest of our site for even more Edwardian and flapper fashions! No matter the dress you're looking for, Recollections will have you covered.