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Peacock Fan
Code: ZP1P15
Price: $29.95

Black-Red Feather Fan
Code: ZP1M1
Price: $21.95

Victorian Lace Trim Cotton Skirt
Code: W800
Price: $89.95

Liesel Ensemble
Code: W792C-1041-60545R
Price: $289.95

Linette Ensemble
Code: W792C-1032
Price: $149.95

Victorian Bustle Dress
Code: W728-729
Price: $169.95

Wendy Victorian Dress
Code: W727
Price: $139.95

Crochet Collar
Code: W71212
Price: $12.95

Victorian Style Dress
Code: W61204R
Price: $159.95

Emily Polonaise Set
Code: W60544-5
Price: $389.90

Old West Victorian Jacket and Skirt
Code: W1033-103
Price: $179.95

Victorian Old West Twill Jacket
Code: W1033
Price: $119.95

Victorian Twill Skirt
Code: W103
Price: $69.95

Torso Length Adjustment
Code: Torso
Price: $75.00

Straw Skimmer Hat
Code: TLF49212
Price: $39.95

Extra Full Crinoline
Code: swe114xfl
Price: $99.95

Striped Stockings
Code: SPLES9218
Price: $9.95

Embroidered Taffeta Purse
Code: SM151010
Price: $59.95

Vintage Print Reticule
Code: SM150891
Price: $49.95

Bee Dupioni Purse
Code: SM150890
Price: $69.95

Reproduction Sewing Chatelaine
Code: SM15051
Price: $79.95

Reproduction Chatelaine with Keys
Code: SM15050
Price: $59.95

Diamond-Front Corselete
Code: SM141217
Price: $59.95

Hat Pin Set
Code: SM141205
Price: $59.95

Warm Honey Hat Pin
Code: SM141204
Price: $19.95

Pearl and Gold Filigree Hat Pin
Code: SM141203
Price: $19.95

Black Moonscape Bead Hat Pin
Code: SM141202
Price: $19.95

Cranberry Bead Hat Pin
Code: SM141201
Price: $19.95

Puff Tie
Code: SM14071
Price: $31.95

Victorian Crocheted Snood
Code: SM14051
Price: $59.95

Madame's Bustle
Code: SM1405
Price: $49.95

Cream Civil War Reticule
Code: SM131286
Price: $59.00

Navy Civil War Reticule
Code: SM131285
Price: $59.00

Perfect Companion Purse
Code: SM1303
Price: $79.95

Crocheted Reticule
Code: SM12031
Price: $79.00

Sleeve Length Adjustment
Code: Sleeve
Price: $15.00

Skirt Length Adjustment
Code: Skirt
Price: $20.00

Black Waist Cincher
Code: SH623
Price: $29.95

Knitted Gaiters
Code: SCKJA3901
Price: $16.95

Black Velvet Gloves
Code: RTH767373
Price: $19.95

Opera Length Satin Gloves
Code: RTH75369
Price: $24.95

Rose Elbow Length Satin Gloves
Code: RTH614Rose
Price: $15.95

Peach Gloves
Code: RTH614PCH
Price: $12.95

Beaded Lace Shawl
Code: RTH22511A
Price: $29.95
In Stock

Fanciful Boots
Code: PLWHIM115
Price: $79.95

Satin N Lace Boot
Code: PLVIC30
Price: $52.95

Spat Boot
Code: PLFL1023
Price: $52.95

Steampunk Boot
Code: PLETES05
Price: $67.95

Red Lorraine Shoe
Code: PLErosa2R
Price: $39.95

Black Lorraine Shoe
Code: PLErosa2B
Price: $39.95

Dolores Shoe
Code: PLE50
Price: $43.95

Ivory Victorian Boot
Price: $63.95

Black Lace up Boot
Code: PLDAME115
Price: $63.95

Crystal Necklace Set
Code: MR4912SCR
Price: $47.95

Black Teardrop Earrings
Code: MR4317EJE
Price: $13.95

Jet Pear Necklace Set
Code: MR4140sje
Price: $21.95

Jet Bracelet
Code: MR4121bje
Price: $26.95

Tara Cape
Code: MR3840CA
Price: $134.95

Loretta Fur Shawl
Code: MR116WJE
Price: $99.95

Brown and Topaz Necklace Set
Code: MR1003sst
Price: $43.95

White Fur Muff
Code: MF300
Price: $49.95

Ruffled Parasol
Code: LONFauP2
Price: $49.95

Blue Cameo Drop Earrings
Code: JWL8244EP
Price: $16.00

Jet Cameo Necklace
Code: JWL7244N
Price: $17.95

Black Antique Style Cameo Drop Earrings
Code: JWL7244-EP
Price: $16.00

Jet Cameo Brooch
Code: JWL7081PS
Price: $16.95

Vintage Filigree Bar Pin
Code: JWL6204
Price: $18.00

Topaz Crystal Button Earrings
Code: JWL5301TP
Price: $14.00

Topaz Filigree Bar Pin
Code: JWL5204PX
Price: $20.00

Green Cameo Flowers Pin
Code: JWL5082P
Price: $19.95

Green Cameo Pin
Code: JWL5081P
Price: $16.95

Vintage Cameo Necklace
Code: JWL4280N
Price: $26.00

Jet Crystal Necklace
Code: JWL3245N
Price: $17.95

Jet Drop Earrings
Code: JWL3212-EP
Price: $17.95

Vintage Jet Stone Earrings
Code: JWL3210EP
Price: $16.95

Cameo Brooch Pin
Code: JWL3080PS
Price: $19.95

3 Jet Crystal Bracelet
Code: JWL3000BJT
Price: $18.00

Porcelain Flower Necklace
Code: JWL2283NS
Price: $19.00

Vintage Porcelain Necklace
Code: JWL2283N
Price: $28.00

Porcelain Flowers Limoge Earrings
Code: JWL2283EP
Price: $18.00

Porcelain Flowers Bracelet
Code: JWL2283B
Price: $30.00

Porcelain Limoges Earrings
Code: JWL2268EP
Price: $20.00

Red Antique Style Cameo Drop Earrings
Code: JWL2244EP
Price: $16.00

Vintage Cameo Brooch
Code: JWL2204PK
Price: $33.00

Cupids and Hearts Bar Pin
Code: JWL2131P
Price: $20.00

Heart and Key Necklace
Code: JWL2127N
Price: $35.00

Ruby Choker Set
Code: JWL2091RU
Price: $24.00

Topaz Austrian Crystal Choker
Code: JWL2091NT
Price: $25.95

Jet Austrian Crystal Choker
Code: JWL2091JT
Price: $25.95

Porcelain Limoge Pin
Code: JWL2082
Price: $16.95

Blue Victorian Brooch
Code: JWL1733PS
Price: $25.95

Jet Crystal Bracelet
Code: JWL1700JT
Price: $16.95

Victorian Jet Earrings
Code: JWL1390JT
Price: $17.95

Topaz Chandelier Earrings
Code: JWL1389TP
Price: $16.00

Cameo Locket Necklace
Code: JWL1222N
Price: $32.95

Topaz Austrian Crystal Necklace
Code: JWL1130NT
Price: $25.00

Austrian Crystal Necklace Set
Code: JWL1130cr
Price: $25.00

Turquoise Austrian Crystal Jewelry Necklace Set
Code: JWL1118TQ
Price: $30.00

Topaz Austrian Crystal Necklace and Earrings
Code: JWL1118NT
Price: $25.00

Topaz Austrian Crystal Chandelier Earrings
Code: JWL1054TPT
Price: $21.95
In Stock

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Size Chart

English / Metric
  24 68 1012 1416 1820 2224 2628 3032
BUST 3334 3536 3738 4042 4446 4850 5254 5658
WAIST 2425 2627 2830 3133 3537 3942 4447 5053

What size should I order?

Most people find that our sizing runs generously. If you are undecided with which size to order, it is best to order the smaller size, or give us a call to assist you (1-800-452-5925). You may also email us at with your measurements (bust and waist) and we can help you choose the nearest size.

An exception to the generous sizing is the type of ball gown that requires boning in the bodice and that supports a heavy skirt. Many times this style is also "off-the-shoulder" and requires a firm fit to stay up. These styles tend to not run as generously as most of our other garments because of this. But please, give us a call if you are uncertain.

In most cases you should take your bust and waist measurement to determine your size. Please wear the undergarments that you intend to wear when you do your measuring. For example, take your measurement over the type of brassiere or corset that you may be wearing.

Measure the fullest part of your bust around and the smallest part of your waist.


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