Preparing for an Edwardian-themed event

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Guess what I did this weekend? Many of our readers will be pleased to know that I rented Somewhere in Time and enjoyed every minute. Though I was quite unsettled by the ending, it is an adorable movie with a great script. And most of all, similar to the experience of watching Sofia Coppola's Marie [...]

Halloween Inspiration 2016: 9 Ideas Just for You

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So, you're thinking about what to be for Halloween, too? Which character do you want to be? Who do you want to create? Looking for inspiration? Here are some ideas. Downton Abbey – Take your pick of fashions between 1912 and 1925 and your favorite character and 'voila!' Downton Abbey lives again. This masterpiece continues [...]

Edwardian Actresses – on Stage and in Film

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As the 20th century unfolded and the Edwardian era began, fashion was changing and so was the image of the 'ideal woman.' There are many attractive women from the era who thoroughly represented the vision of Edwardian beauty. We've touched on the lives of Evelyn Nesbit and Lily Elsie, two of the most beautiful and [...]

Doctor Thorne – Julian Fellowes adaptation of Anthony Trollope’s Novel

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Downton Abbey's writer brings Anthony Trollope to 2016 Audiences If you are familiar with Downton Abbey, you are familiar with Julian Fellowes. Downton finished its six-season run on PBS in January and many of its fans are happy to see Julian Fellowes back on the screen. This time, he's adapted Anthony Trollope's 1858 novel, Doctor [...]

Say Farewell To Downton Abbey

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Get Your Downton Abbey Costume Before The Final Episode Well, we’ve been with these characters for six years. We’ve laughed with them, we’ve cried when they’ve been suddenly killed and removed from the show, we’ve experienced their woes triumphs. And now, after six seasons, our beloved Downton Abbey is coming to a close. While you [...]

Halloween is Just Around the Corner!

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Halloween is Just a Hop-Skip-and-a-Jump Away!   Yes, the calendar just flipped from August to September, and the thermometer is still registering summer temperatures. But, make no mistake, it's almost heeeeeerrrrre! It's time to start thinking about autumn and one of its highlights - Halloween.   Themed parties, no theme parties, and everything in between [...]

Planning your Edwardian Wedding: Where to get all your Downton Abbey clothing, jewelry, and decorations!

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Downton Abbey is more than just a television sensation for some—in fact, many are using it as inspiration for their big day. The timeless look of Downton Abbey clothing and the classy style of invitations and other decorations make it a no-brainer as far as themes go. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to incorporate a [...]

If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey Clothing, you’ll love Downton Tabby!

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Because the internet is saturated with cat fanatics, there are cat videos to parody every TV show imaginable—including Downton Tabby, an internet sensation that takes cats and puts them in hilarious Downton Abbey scenarios. There are many different interpretations of Downton Tabby, whether it’s cat heads pasted onto Downton Abbey clothing or cat behavior set [...]

Match the characters: Edwardian Fashions for your Downton Abbey obsession!

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You’ve looked on eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. You’ve scoured all over the internet. Yet, you can’t find anything nearly as beautiful as the Edwardian Fashions worn by the characters on everyone’s favorite Sunday-night soap opera, Downton Abbey. The fashions on Downton Abbey are true to their time period. Women would change sometimes three times a [...]