Because the internet is saturated with cat fanatics, there are cat videos to parody every TV show imaginable—including Downton Tabby, an internet sensation that takes cats and puts them in hilarious Downton Abbey scenarios. There are many different interpretations of Downton Tabby, whether it’s cat heads pasted onto Downton Abbey clothing or cat behavior set to theme music, it’s all bound to be hysterical. One thing is for certain: cats look cute in Downton Abbey clothing—well, they look cute in cat clothes in general.

Here, we have a couple a videos that parody Downton Abbey with kittens. The intro is exactly like that of Downton Abbey, only made for the dramatic and mischievous cats in this home. The only question I have is, how many cats does this person actually own?

In this video, the “Lady Mary” cat actually follows a storyline that is the same as the one from season one. (Think back to the Turkish Duke!) They also poke a bit of fun at Laura Linney, how she sounds like she’s “dead inside.” This video even dresses up a physical cat in Downton Abbey clothing, so it gets extra points in the creativity department:

Finally, we were able to find some creative pictures featuring some of our favorite characters like Bates, Anna, Carson, and all the Lords and Ladies. Check out these links:

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