Making sure local war heroes are remembered

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Are there any Civil War heroes laid to rest in your town? Are they being remembered with properly marked graves? We recently heard from a customer who was preparing for a dedication of three graves for Union soldiers in her town of New Baltimore and just had to learn more. What we uncovered is a [...]

“Little Women” Inspires Women Today

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We recently sponsored a contest in which we honored Louisa May Alcott's sister characters from "Little Women" by asking our newsletter subscribers to tell us which of the March sisters inspires them most.  Although we didn't ask for more than a name, the impact of the author's story and characters in this novel was more [...]

Beyond Little Women; 8 Tidbits about Louisa May Alcott

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November 29, 2016 marks Louisa May Alcott’s 184th birthday (1832). Today, she is best remembered for her book, Little Women. Here are some interesting tidbits you might not have known. Louisa May Alcott started publishing poems, short stories, thrillers, and juvenile tales in 1851 under the pen name Flora Fairfield. She also wrote under the [...]

Thanksgiving and the American Civil War

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Thanksgiving is probably nearly as old as mankind. From the time we started cultivating crops, farmers have been grateful for the sun, rain, and a good harvest. Its roots can be seen in the harvest feasts of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. It also is similar to Sukkot, the ancient Jewish harvest festival. Long [...]

Women in the Civil War

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Nothing challenged Victorian ideology in the United States more than the Civil War. Women living during Antebellum America were the epitome of domesticity. The industrial revolution changed the way men worked. Men increasingly spent their work time away from home, moving into factories, offices, and shops. In what historians call ‘the Cult of True Womanhood,’ [...]

Victorian Summer Camp for Kids

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Experience Life in the 19th Century at Camp this Summer Did you attend summer camp? What do you think of when you think 'summer camp?' Is it running around outdoors, getting dirty, maybe do some swimming, a few crafts, and maybe a stream hike or two? That was part of my childhood experience, but perhaps [...]

Bass Reeves – Slave to American Hero – Pt. 1

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by Donna Klein   Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3   Who was Bass Reeves?   When thinking of lawmen of the American Old West, minds drift to men like Wyatt Earp, not Bass Reeves. My first exposure to Bass Reeves came earlier this year. There is a program on AHC (American Heroes [...]

Recollections Fashion Show at the Centennial Building

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Recollections Fashion Show Recap The Lake Huron Discovery Tour 2015 has come and gone, but the Recollections fashion show at the Centennial Building in Alpena continues to live in the memories of those who joined us on October 10 for the festivities. The day started early for Recollections, with the models from the show prepped [...]

Halloween is Just Around the Corner!

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Halloween is Just a Hop-Skip-and-a-Jump Away!   Yes, the calendar just flipped from August to September, and the thermometer is still registering summer temperatures. But, make no mistake, it's almost heeeeeerrrrre! It's time to start thinking about autumn and one of its highlights - Halloween.   Themed parties, no theme parties, and everything in between [...]