Those great garters

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Have you ever wondered how Victorian women (and those before them) kept their pre-elastic stockings up? Let’s talk about the history of garters!  Do you love fashion from the past? Sign up for our newsletter so you get first access to all of our style guides.  The history of garters The timeless need to keep [...]

Mellow yellow: Colors in the Victorian Era

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Welcome to the next edition of Color in the Victorian Era! This week we will be taking a look at yellow. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began my research and discovered that it was among the more popular colors during the era, at least according to all of the examples of it [...]

A brief look at Victorian party etiquette

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Did you enjoy your holiday season? If so, how are you adjusting to being back into the swing of things? It has been a bit challenging for me as I would much rather be continuing to have fun hangouts with friends. There must be something in the air, as the invites have continued coming in.  [...]

These Victorian Christmas images will get you in the holiday mood

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“I love snow for the same reason I love Christmas. It brings people together while time stands still.” -Rachel Cohn  Happy holidays, dear customers! We hope that the jingle bells are jingling and that you are already creating memories you will cherish. The Christmas season is a time of year with a hard-to-describe ethereal thickness [...]

A winter wardrobe – the Victorian way

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A couple of days ago I set out for a fun winter night on the town. Having been in LA for some time so far this season I haven’t had the change to fully transition to the Denver December. Ten outfits later, I was ready to go. And believe it or not, I had partially [...]

Seeing red: colors in the Victorian era

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Red is one of the most striking colors and one of the colors found most in nature. It is especially ingrained in humans with it being the third color that babies recognize. Throughout history, it has also been considered the most alluring, with it showing up as a symbol of sensuality in ancient times and [...]

October history news

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October sure was a great month for history news! I have been looking forward to sharing this roundup for multiple weeks now. A few of my favorites:  -The match safe - a Victorian trinket I had never heard of until now.  -Lois Bell’s passion for fashion -A traveling museum of spooky Victorian artifacts -Female artists [...]

A Victorian interest in apples

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While they are available now year-round, apples are technically a seasonal fruit for fall. That is probably why so many warm dishes were made with them during the Victorian era. Apples in the Victorian era were a very popular and common ingredient, even served as a dessert dish on their own. There was also a [...]

How to pack a Victorian suitcase

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Are you taking any trips this fall? It is a great time for those who want smaller crowds and cooler weather. If you are taking a trip, do you know how to pack your suitcase?  The Victorian era was a very interesting time for travel. Advances in transportation made it easier to go long distances [...]