Get Your Downton Abbey Costume Before The Final Episode

Well, we’ve been with these characters for six years. We’ve laughed with them, we’ve cried when they’ve been suddenly killed and removed from the show, we’ve experienced their woes triumphs. And now, after six seasons, our beloved Downton Abbey is coming to a close. While you might not know what you’re going to binge watch on Netflix anymore or binge watch on Sunday evenings, many who regularly watch the show are actually pleased that the show is ending now, on a high note, rather than running itself into the ground with repeated plot lines. Whether or not you agree with this sentiment, we can all agree that this last season has had some exciting plot twists, and that we can’t wait for what’s to come.


So far in this season, we’ve seen weddings, potential romances blossoming, scandals coming back into the lives of the characters, and even workers trying to leave the abbey. With this monumental show coming to a close, it’s not uncommon for fans to hold end-of-series parties. If you’re a huge Downton Abbey fan, you should pick up your Downton Abbey costumes before the last episode airs.


The Downton Abbey costumes from Recollections are historically accurate representations of period pieces. No matter which character you’re trying to represent, whether it’s from the Edwardian or Flapper era, Recollections will have the right costume for you. Search through our catalog to find the perfect costume for your finale party.


To get yourself hyped for the finale, check out this interview with some of our favorite characters about their favorite highlights from the final season of Downton Abbey. And remember, Recollections has all your Downton Abbey costume needs taken care of. Browse our selection today!