Harem Pants: The Lost Edwardian Clothes

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When people think of the Women’s Liberation Movement, they know that it began in the United Stated in the Edwardian Era with marches for the women’s right to vote, and the 1920’s generally is known for having androgynous fashions that began to dismantle gender stereotypes for fashions. However, women began wearing controversial fashions in the [...]

Downton Funk

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For anyone who is familiar with the popular British television show Downton Abbey, you have probably seen your fair share of fan fiction and parodies of the show. And, for as much as we love the show, it leaves itself open to some pretty harsh jokes. With its ridiculous plot twists, sudden deaths, and the [...]

How does Downton get its costumes?

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Downton Abbey has long been a show known for its elegant costumes: whether it’s intricate Edwardian fashion or stylish flapper looks, the costumes on Downton are known for their authenticity and beauty. But, how do the costumes get made? Are they rented or sewed? And who does it all? Well, the Masterpiece costume designer, Anna [...]

WBKB Insights Show Features Recollections

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  WBKB in Alpena, Michigan, produces a local public affairs show called Insights that airs on Sunday mornings. In December, we were approached about being on the show. That got us wondering, "what is it like to be part of a television show?" We found out on January 12th when Alexandra Johnson and her crew, John [...]

Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 3 Recap

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Mary’s turn for a one night stand and ironic jokes on the rise: Before we dive too deep in this episode, if you need a refresher on episode two, click here to get caught up. This episode is full of scandal: first, Mary sleeps with Tony, then she gets found out, then Granny covers for [...]

Valentine Photo Contest

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"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." And so begins this very romantic poem penned by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, one of the Victorian era's foremost poets. What a great love she and Robert Browning shared. This poem was written early on in their relationship; during courtship and early marriage. History.com relates that [...]

Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 2 Recap and Review

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This episode should have been entitled the War for the Progressive. Between Tom’s dinner outburst, Mary’s sexcapades, and Rose’s radio, the battle waged all episode. Before we go any further, if you missed the season premier last week, you can get the highlights here. Lord Grantham continues his campaign of whining across the Abbey, arguing [...]

Edwardian and Flapper Fashion: Getting the look of Downton Abbey

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Downton Abby has become a sensation all over the world, and now more than ever, it is easy to get the look of your favorite characters. At the same time, the development of Pinterest makes it easy to search quickly and efficiently for fashion. It also has the benefit of allowing its users to see [...]

The Edwardian Era

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The Edwardian Era is named for Queen Victoria’s son Edward, who ascended to the throne upon her death in 1901. This was to become an age of unparalleled luxury as the bustles, stiff silks and wools of the 1890’s gave way to the new decorative Art Noveau style. The French termed this period la Belle [...]