Recollections Fashion Show Recap

The Lake Huron Discovery Tour 2015 has come and gone, but the Recollections fashion show at the Centennial Building in Alpena continues to live in the memories of those who joined us on October 10 for the festivities. The day started early for Recollections, with the models from the show prepped and dressed and mingling with the crowds at various events downtown by 11 a.m. Children and adults alike enjoyed interacting with the models in their Victorian, Edwardian, and Steampunk finery. The weather was perfect for spending a few hours in the autumn sunshine.

Recollections fashion show models in white dresses

Models in white Victorian, Edwardian, and Civil War era fashions

When 1 p.m. rolled around, the front room of the first floor of the Centennial Building was filled with people of all ages. They weren’t just there for the Recollections fashion show, they were there to listen to Nathanael Koenig. Nathanael presented a mini concert of classical and jazz guitar compositions, many from his debut CD, “Along the Way.” His music speaks across generations and was very much appreciated by the audience.

Recollections fashion show models in colorful dresses

Our seamstresses, their relatives and friends, and Mike & Kate’s daughters were our models!

By the time the fashion show started, it was standing room only. Over the course of the next forty-five minutes, approximately 60 dresses, gowns, and ensembles received oohs and ahhs from the nearly 70 people who came out to enjoy the show. Antebellum Civil War ball gowns shared the catwalk with pioneer everyday wear, Old West saloon girls, and even the maid outfit you can see on the Comedy Central show, “Another Period” (think “Chair” and the other female servants)! Victorian and Edwardian wedding gowns were sprinkled among the offerings, garnering high marks from those in attendance. Some of the Edwardian ensembles were reminiscent of “Somewhere in Time,” (check out their fan club) which was filmed on Mackinac Island, less than a two hours’ drive north of Alpena. A few fashions were also adapted for Halloween, much to everyone’s amusement!

Recollections fashion show models front and back view

Front and back of an Edwardian dress and Polonaise ensemble

After the show, the audience had a chance to take a look around and talk to the owners of the Centennial Building, Mike and Kate, Phillips. They also enjoyed snacks as the talked with Nathanael and some of the Recollections staff. The audience gave us an enthusiastic thumbs up. Those not familiar with us were glad to know we are from the area. Everyone left looking forward to the next Recollections fashion show!