The Most Extraordinary Story of Sister Blandina Segale – Pt. 2

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What Made Sister Blandina Segale's Service in the Old West Extraordinary? Sister Blandina Segale wrote a memoir of her time in Colorado Territory, titled At the End of the Santa Fe Trail. Stories of her adventures while serving in the Old West have been featured in novels, television programs, histories, and even a comic book. The CBS [...]

The Most Extraordinary Story of Sister Blandina Segale – Pt. 1

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Sister Blandina Segale, Servant of God Sister Blandina Segale has been in the news lately. Earlier this month, the Archdiocese of Santa Fe (New Mexico) closed its inquiry on why she should become a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. The file has been sent on to the Vatican for consideration. So, who was Sister [...]

Bass Reeves – Slave to American Hero – Pt. 1

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by Donna Klein   Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3   Who was Bass Reeves?   When thinking of lawmen of the American Old West, minds drift to men like Wyatt Earp, not Bass Reeves. My first exposure to Bass Reeves came earlier this year. There is a program on AHC (American Heroes [...]

Recollections Fashion Show at the Centennial Building

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Recollections Fashion Show Recap The Lake Huron Discovery Tour 2015 has come and gone, but the Recollections fashion show at the Centennial Building in Alpena continues to live in the memories of those who joined us on October 10 for the festivities. The day started early for Recollections, with the models from the show prepped [...]

Halloween is Just Around the Corner!

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Halloween is Just a Hop-Skip-and-a-Jump Away!   Yes, the calendar just flipped from August to September, and the thermometer is still registering summer temperatures. But, make no mistake, it's almost heeeeeerrrrre! It's time to start thinking about autumn and one of its highlights - Halloween.   Themed parties, no theme parties, and everything in between [...]

Costume College 2015

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By Sue McDonald   Costume College - Whirlwind of Classes and Special Events   If you haven’t heard about Costume College, then you haven’t been paying attention! After hearing about it for years, a friend convinced me to enroll last year, and I am now positively addicted to the excitement, the many opportunities for learning [...]

Rosedown Plantation

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 Rosedown Plantation  - Grand 19th Century Estate   Rosedown Plantation is one of the grandest 19th century estates in Louisiana. Located in the northwest corner of Southeastern Louisiana, the home and grounds abut Alexander Creek, which flows into the Mississippi River a couple of miles downstream. The original plantation encompassed 3,455 acres at its height of production. [...]

5 Movies to Reenact with your Civil War Dresses

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We all love Civil War dresses, with their hoop skirts and frills and lace. But, sometimes we like to reenact scenes from movies, and following a particular pattern from a movie can be helpful in choosing the kind of Civil War costume we want. Here, we have listed our five favorite Civil War movies that [...]

Up on the Big Screen: Civil War Dresses in Gone with the Wind

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The classic Civil War movie Gone with the Wind is known for more than its melodramatic plotline and iconic theme music. Its costumes are some of the most recognizable in the industry. The costumes are so iconic that they are even the subject of comedy sketches, such as the curtain rod scene in Carol Burnett’s [...]