Oshawa Community Museum

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Where is the Oshawa Community Museum?   The Oshawa Community Museum is located in Lakeview Park, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Oshawa lies  on the Lake Ontario shoreline in southern Ontario, about 6o kilometers from Toronto. It is also the home of the Parkwood National Historic Site, which, according to Day Trips from Toronto: Getaway Ideas for [...]

Cinnabar Theater

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History of Cinnabar Theater   Cinnabar Theater started life as a two-room schoolhouse built in 1908 on the outskirts of Petaluma, California. Marvin and Jan Kelbe purchased it during the summer of 1970. Marvin was a renowned opera singer looking for a way to spend more time with his family while feeding his need to [...]

Spencer Community Theatre

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Where is Spencer Community Theatre?   Spencer Community Theatre is located in the town of Spencer, Iowa.  Situated at the confluence of the Little Sioux and Ocheyedan Rivers, Spencer lies among the rolling hills and lakes of northwest Iowa.  A town of little more than 11,000 people, it is listed in The 100 Best Small Art [...]

Titanic Museum

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Titanic Museums Spanning the Pond   There are many Titanic Museums and exhibits located in the United States, Canada, and Northern Ireland. I remember experiencing an exhibit at the Florida International Museum in the mid-1990s when I chaperoned my daughter's class trip. It was absolutely fascinating to see how people traveled across the Atlantic Ocean [...]

Old Town Temecula Gunfighters

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Who are the Old Town Temecula Gunfighters? The Old Town Temecula Gunfighters are a group of folks who present Wild West reenactment shows spanning the post-Civil war era, from about the 1870s to the 1890s.  They entertain visitors every 4th Saturday of the month at High Noon and 2 p.m. in the section of Temecula [...]

Victorian Fashion: Visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

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If you are taking a trip to Europe, London is probably one of the destinations you hope to hit. While you are there, in between visiting Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, make sure to stop by the Victoria and Albert Museum and look at their extensive collection. Not only is admission free (yay!), the museum [...]