Edwardian clothing is known for its elegance and simplicity in design. It was a huge transformation from the Victorian Era’s large, full skirts and exaggerated bustles. The free-flowing gowns of the Edwardian Era represented a simplistic design after the dramatic dresses that preceded it. Because they had to be relatively free flowing, the fabrics used in Edwardian clothing were much lighter as a whole than those used in the Victorian Era.

Summer dresses of the Edwardian Era were oftentimes made of white, gauzy, and clinging fabric. White fabric reflects sunlight, and made it easier for the woman to stay cool. The dresses could be trimmed with lace, and the fabric would sometimes be cut away or sheer to reveal the wearer’s skin. Linens and cottons were used to achieve this look, since they are both sheer and traditionally white. Evening gowns were much more luxurious, however. They were constructed using silks and other fine fabrics. Sometimes the silk would have a thin, sheer overlay on it that could be adorned with beading. Velvet was also a popular choice for Edwardian evening gowns. Fabrics were draped and layered, but not in a way that was bulky. Large, voluminous dresses were much more a part of the Victorian Era, and dresses of the Edwardian Era looked rich without the heaviness of Victorian ball gowns. The sheath design of the dress helped make this possible. Dresses were cinched at the waist to accentuate a tiny waist and a full bust—a sort of triangle shape. Ribbons, sashes, and belts all worked as pieces to create this cinched look, and they were made of silks oftentimes. Leather was popular in Edwardian clothing, but only for gloves and shoes. Silk pumps were typical for evening, and silk shawls usually accompanied them. The richness of silk was a common theme for the eveningwear of the Era.

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