The history of corduroy

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Fall is here, the perfect time for corduroy clothes of all types. It’s warm, durable, and oh-so-cozy, just what one wants for the transition from summer to the colder months. Just thinking about corduroy clothing makes me picture walking through my neighborhood park and enjoying the bright-colored leaves that Denver is blessed with right now. [...]

Victorians and plaid

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It is an example of one of those things you don’t notice until someone points it out to you, and then you see it everywhere. The wonderful founder of Recollections recently suggested that a post on Victorians and plaid may make for a fun read. I had never really thought about it before, but when [...]

Paisley: the history I never knew was a history

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Paisley prints are among the most popular here at Recollections, and certainly around the world and through time. The pattern is so popular that it is easy to take it for granted as just sort of always been around without putting much thought into how it became so ubiquitous. At least, that is how I [...]

Dyes: from Nature to Aniline Part 2

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by Donna Klein   How Aniline Dyes Changed Fashion   Thank a Scientist for Aniline   Aniline was first isolated from indigo in 1826 by Otto Unverdorben. It was given its name in 1840 by Julius Fritzsche when he distilled indigo into an oil using caustic potash. But, it was a long way from being [...]

The fabric of Edwardian Clothing

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Edwardian clothing is known for its elegance and simplicity in design. It was a huge transformation from the Victorian Era’s large, full skirts and exaggerated bustles. The free-flowing gowns of the Edwardian Era represented a simplistic design after the dramatic dresses that preceded it. Because they had to be relatively free flowing, the fabrics used [...]