Downton Abby has become a sensation all over the world, and now more than ever, it is easy to get the look of your favorite characters. At the same time, the development of Pinterest makes it easy to search quickly and efficiently for fashion. It also has the benefit of allowing its users to see pictures of what’s on the website before going through the trouble of pinning to their own board. However, Pinterest can be a little disorganized, and some pins are tagged with keywords that are not related to their content at all. For example, when looking up Edwardian Clothing, I found many results about Downton Fashion, but also an Amish towel drying rack, two lingerie sets, a faux fur lined vest, and a tank top that reads, “I flexed and the sleeves fell off.” In short, Pinterest doesn’t always give us exactly what we ask for.

We at Recollections know this, and so we decided to organize Pinterest as much as we could so it’s easier for you to get what you want. Now, we have style profiles for some of our most loved characters on Downton Abby to make it easier than ever for you to find the exact look of each character. Crave the flapper dresses of Lady Rose? Want the bustle and lace of the Dowager Countess? It’s all on our board, and it’s all just a pin away! All of the fashions on the boards are featured on our website, so completing ensembles has never been simpler. Check out their profiles:

  • Lady Rose McClaire
  • The Dowager Countess of Grantham
  • Anna Bates
  • Lady Mary Crawley
  • Lady Cora Grantham

  • What’s even better is that you can submit some of your favorite pins to us. See some cool Edwardian hair styling tips or a blog on period shoes? Send us the pin so we can include it on our boards! We love the inspiration, and we want to communicate with you about our favorite passion: period clothes.

    If you have a favorite character that doesn’t have a profile yet, please comment and let us know. We would love to keep creating and adding style guides to our Pinterest profile. If you don’t follow us yet, our profile name is Recollections Clothing.