19th Century Quotable Romantic Moments part two

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In our last article, we explored the romantic quotes from Jane Austen and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Today, we move on to the Brontë Sisters. The Brontë Sisters Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë have given us some of the most quotable romantic moments in 19th-century literature. Charlotte and Emily are more well known but Anne holds [...]

Romantic Inspiration

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We love our customers! We often hear how our clothing enhances the lives of our customers. Many are hopeless romantics who relate how they feel beautiful, filled with romance in their hearts. “I feel so romantic," 'I feel like a princess,” and “I feel like royalty,” are some of the phrases they use. We’re so [...]

Mitchell’s Romance

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Valentine’s day is only a couple of weeks away, so why not get a jump on February and the promise of romance the lovers’ holiday holds. Kylemore Abbey is so much more than a great place to visit. Its history is built on the romance between Mitchell Henry and his wife, Margaret. Mitchell Henry was [...]

Somewhere in Time – Still Inspiring Romance

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I don't know about you, but I have been enamored with the movie 'Somewhere in Time' since I first saw it. I was already a huge fan of Christopher Reeve (oh, that Superman!). His piercing blue eyes could melt almost every girl's heart! Jane Seymour, a relative unknown at the time, was so beautiful as [...]

3 Victorian Romance Novels for Summer Reading

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Heat Up Your Summer with Victorian Romance Ah, summertime. Do you like hot days spent at the beach or cool evenings by the campfire? Whatever your choice for summer relaxation, a good romance novel is always a good companion. Here are three romance novels set in the Victorian era you might enjoy. Secrets of a Summer [...]