Sarah Biffin: Small Artist Makes a Big Impact

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Sarah Biffin, 1784-1850, was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she learned how to make her mouth her most valuable asset. She was born with phocomelia, which affects the development of limb and bone in utero.

Christmas and the Victorian Era: 5 Interesting Observations

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Christmas celebrations at the beginning of the 19th century were very different from the way we celebrate today. Here are some interesting facts on the evolution of the Christmas holiday and how the Victorians shaped what we now consider a tradition. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are integral to the evolution of the modern Christmas [...]

The Great Exhibition of 1851: Global Culture and Industry Comes to London

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141 Days Celebrating Global Culture and Industry All eyes were on Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as the Great Exhibition celebrating international culture and industry opened on May 1, 1851. Until then, similar exhibitions took place on a smaller, national level. Upon return from an exhibition in Paris, Henry Cole brought the idea of an [...]

Crystal Palace of the Great Exhibition: Innovation in Glass

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A Great Glass House for the Great Exhibition Oh, to be alive during the mid-1800s. What an exciting time it must have been! The Industrial Revolution was opening up borders and England was the host of what could be considered the first World's Fair. The Great Exhibition of 1851 showcased cultures and industry from around [...]

Queen Victoria’s First Excursion by Train

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By Donna Klein   Trains and Change   Trains have always held a certain fascination for me. I love the sound of trains; the whistles, the vibrations, the rhythm of the wheels on the rails. Oh, the places you can go by train. Oh, the things you can see! Oh, the changes that came to [...]