Jean Beraud : Documenting the Belle Epoque

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The work of Jean Beraud was recently brought to my attention by a member of the Recollections team and I am so glad that it was! For the past several days I have been scouring the internet to find examples of his late Victorian and Belle Epoque paintings and enjoying every minute. His art is [...]

Sarah Biffin: Small Artist Makes a Big Impact

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Sarah Biffin, 1784-1850, was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she learned how to make her mouth her most valuable asset. She was born with phocomelia, which affects the development of limb and bone in utero.

Helen Allingham, acclaimed Victorian commercial artist and watercolorist

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Have you heard of Helen Allingham? You may recognize some of her stunning artwork. Either way, we love highlighting female artists here at Recollections and hope you will love learning about this woman who deserves to be remembered! Early artist Helen Allingham was born Helen Mary Elizabeth Paterson on September 26, 1848, in Derbyshire, England. [...]