Charles Dickens and A Christmas Carol

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No other author conjures thoughts of Christmas like Charles Dickens. His story, A Christmas Carol, has been told and told again each year during Yuletide. It is a classic tale or redemption we enjoy experiencing as part of our holiday tradition. But while most people may be able to discuss the basic plot of the [...]

The Great Exhibition of 1851: Global Culture and Industry Comes to London

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141 Days Celebrating Global Culture and Industry All eyes were on Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as the Great Exhibition celebrating international culture and industry opened on May 1, 1851. Until then, similar exhibitions took place on a smaller, national level. Upon return from an exhibition in Paris, Henry Cole brought the idea of an [...]

Lucile – Dressmaker to Fashion Icon

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Lucy Grows into Lucile Lucy Christiana Sutherland was born in London in 1841. Her mother moved back to Ontario, Canada, after the death of her father. The family moved to the Isle of Jersey when her mother remarried. Lucy married James Stuart Wallace in 1884 and gave birth to a daughter, Esme, in 1885. The [...]